Lolita Kris Kringle

Deck the halls with bows and holly
Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la)
‘Tis the season for wearing loli
Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la)
Don we now our sweet apparel
Fa la la la la, la la la la (fa la la la la, la la la la)
Angelic pretties Candy Carol
Fa la la la la, la la la la

Who is up for a Kris Kringle gift exchange?

To participate please comment in the pinned post and tells us a bit about yourself. Are you a sweet lolita, are you a gothic lolita, are you one of our newbies? KK partners will be drawn on the 5th Dec. You can choose to directly address your lolita in your gift, you can also choose to remain anonymous, like a valentine card. Once you know who you are sending your KK to, take a moment to read the pinned post about your lolita and take their comments into consideration. The aim is for everyone to receive their KK by Christmas, subsequently there wont be great deal of time between getting your KK and having to post (especially with christmas delays) prepare for speedy gifts! Once you have received your gift, please take a moment share a photo of the card in the event.


My favourite colours are navy blue, pastel blue and green. My lolita wardrobe also has a lot of black, red, teal and yellow in it. My interests outside of lolita include doll collecting, video games, nail polish and psychology.

My preferred style is classic and sometimes gothic or military. I wear a lot of casual lolita on my days off.




My fav colours are pink, black and red. I love Harry Potter, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, star wars and geeky themed outfits. I have been wearing lolita for around 10 years. My style is pretty simple/casual now with a hint of pinup inspiration.


My favourite colours are black and lavender, I like spooky cute things (bats, kawaii skulls, etc), fluffy and/or sparkly things, Star Wars, Sanrio characters, bows, pastel or black accessories (but pink is my least favourite colour).
I’ve been wearing lolita for about ten years and mostly wear gothic but have recently been leaning towards pastels and sweet styles!




Hiya! I love florals and super interesting texture stuff, I primarily wear classic, country and a smattering of sweet! Lots of deep reds and browns. I also adore mori girl and tend to wear that on more casual days recently. I also love games like Hollowknight and Animal Crossing, and do art and singing in my free time.





When it comes to lolita I am a bit all over the place, its more of a, if I like it, ill wear it as opposed to a cohesive style. I generally like darker colours and tend not to wear sweet.
I love Pokemon, Harry Potter, dinosaurs and animal crossing.





Hey! I love both pastels and rainbows! I have a lot of pinks and purples in my wardrobe, and I like stars and bunnies!
((Florals and cats are not my jam 😛 ))
My usual lolita style is a hot mess of experimental and unbranded knick knacks, from sweet to punk to decora toned.


Thanks for participating everyone

♥ Alyssium♥


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