Lolita Swap/Trade meet, take three

SM3_1This is the third swap/trade meet that we have had in the group and its proving to be really popular! There were three different events on the saturday that we had it on, a cosplay picnic, Avcon Ball and the swap meet so I had SM3_2lolitas running in and out all day trying to make it to different events. Even so we had a fantastic turn out and the weather being a little colder allowed us all to get out, our long sleeved blouses, scarves, berets and coats that we dont usually get to wear out alot here in Australia!

My poor little house was having trouble squeezing everyone in and at some points got quite squishy having to pass through masses of petticoats! It did keep the temperature in the house very warm though.


We didnt dissapoint with food either, i didnt get a chance to take photos before everyone started arriving but here is the selection of tasty morsels that we had going around. My bf’s gingerbread (decorated by Candice and Angela ) was quite a hit as well as the super adorable onigiri made by Yi Ying. How cute are they, little bears and hello kitties!


All my stands were packed to capacity with clothing that had been brought along! I was seriously surprised with the amount of stuff we all put together, I know last time I said we could have a shop, this time we had even more stuff!


Nana is wearingAngelic Pretty Strawberry Jam, Carrie mixing the pastels in a Milkyplanet skirt. Lauren is in Metamorphose Nostalagic Chess and Emma super cute in a Bodyline skirt.


Bethany in ETC OP, Angela wearing a Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate skirt and mint knit ribbon top, Jaana and Bridget and in Alice and the Pirates Chandelier Flocky Skirt.


Kairii in Angelic Pretty Chocolate Chess JSK, Candice wearing a Angelic Pretty Replica Dream Sky OP, Tamara looking pretty in pink, Angelic Pretty and a lolita visitor all the way from Canberra Anstey wearing Angelic Pretty Queen playing cards.


Cheryl looking ladylike as usual, Jo rocking Metamorphose, Teagan in black and lasty me (who in taking the photos forgot to take one of myself!) in Atelier Pierrot.

♥ Alyssium♥

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