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16aux3nI dont usually follow that many pages on livejournal other then the main EGL and EGL comm sales pages. So it was a very pleasant surpise to have one of the girls put up links from another live journal page, Lolita Valentines on our local Facebook group. She said that she recognised quite a few local faces. It looks like there is a sweet little lolita going round Adelaide spreading some christmas cheer.

After seeing the link I had a bit of a browse and was very happy to see quite a few other faces that I regonised from both Adelaide and Sydney Lolita groups. Im very proud to be part of the Adelaide and Australian Lolita Groups and here are a couple of reasons why……





A lolita Valentine to Emma who can make any lolita outfit look amazing!













A Lolita Valentine to Nana, a lolita that has a great sense of humour and is really fun to be around














A Valentine for Adelle who is a Adelaide Lolita currently living in Queensland at the moment.














A Lolita Valentine to Angela who is as sweet as she is gorgeous!








 A valentine made out to Carrie who is absolutely adorable, sweet and a mermaid!















A Lolita Valentine for Cheryl who is lovely and does an amazing job looking classical.












A Lolita Valentine for for Kelly the owner of Vitae!











A Lolita Valentine for Kairii who has an amazing sense of style.











A Lolita Valentine for Kelly who is the most perfect lolita that I have ever met!











A Lolita Valentine for Lauren who is able to make any wig look like her own and in the cutest hairstyles!












A Lolita Valentine for Maire, not many people get to see how hard she works and her contribution to the Australian community is enormous.













A lolita valentine made out to Candice not a resident Adelaide lolita but a frequent visitor.








A Lolita Valentine for Tamara who has the courage to be a lifestyle lolita.












 Lucky last is one for me, thank you whoever wrote this, you made my day!




Thank you to our lovely secret valentines!
♥ Alyssium♥

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