Lolitas at the show


Does the smell of hot jam donuts and the thought of eating candy all day sound delicous? The sound of a carousel music and merry go round have you jumping for joy? Sounds like you need to join us for day out at the Royal Adelaide show! A day for us to frill up, have fun and the day where we can get away with eating as much as we want! 


This was a last minute plan up so there was only the four of us attending, that was still enough for us to have an amazing time! We were running a little bit late (always my fault!) but when we located Marian, she must have read my mind because she was waiting with donuts!

FerrisFirst order of business, what ride do we go on first! Since it was such a lovely day, and the line was not too long, we decided to jump on the Ferris Wheel.

BrittAfter getting of the Ferris Wheel, Britt and I decided it would be a great idea to get into these giant bubbles on water. Never mind the fact that we were twice the size of anyone else on the rides! Britt went first and I thought it was hilarious how her curls went everywhere when the bubble was bobbed into the water!

ChristineAfter watching how uungraceful the blow up and push into the water was, I was starting to reconsider my choices, but seeing as though I would have never lived it down if I pulled out in front of a whole line of kids, I sucked it up and went in! Manoeuvring around was actually harder than it looked and trying to run around (feeling like a hamster in the wheel) was hampered by the fact of my long skirts and petticoats, so after several attempts, I laid back to enjoy the view!

Getting outGetting out was just as ungraceful, but I must admit it was pretty fun. I wonder if we could hire out all of them and get the whole community in them?

ShowWe spent the rest of the afternoon eating ice-cream and snacks, visited the animals and went through the side show. We also went around the Yellow brick road show bag. Another show done, till next year!


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