Misako Tea Party

GroupIn November we found out that Misako was being invited down to Sydney for a Matsuri organised by the Sydney Japanese Foundation. While she was down here a High Tea Party was organised to celebrate Misako’s first trip to Australia. 

The picture above shows the group of Lolitas that had travelled from all over Australia to meet Misako and attend the Tea Party. The photo was taken by DeerStalker Pictures who also did a fantastic job covering the event here.

PhotobombingSo what happens when you put 70 Lolitas into a really nice room with a Christmas tree? Lots of selfies, coordinate shots and photo bombing! Goldie took some outfit shots to include in the deerstalker movie. On the right, the Sydney aristocrat and lolitas show us how it’s done.


2congaI went to take  picture of Alanah with the tree, then there were two, then three and then I had a entire conga line! Alanah, Elliot, Holly, Maya, Victoria, Sharon, Laura and Elyse.



As this was a special event, everyone had gone to the trouble of putting together really nice outfits. I think everyone wanted to impress Misako with what they were wearing. We certainly made a very impressive looking bunch. I didn’t get the opportunity to take photos of everyone, but here is a couple that I was able to get. Annette went with a witch theme in Alice and the Pirates End of Immortal Eden JSK and witch hat with matching broom. Cming looked very sweet in a Angelic Pretty Wonder Party JSK and matching headbow and socks. I love the giant spoon she had! Xan looked comfortable in a country theme, Emily Temple cute Umbrella OP and straw hat. Holly looks magnificent in a Alice and the Pirates Royal Crown Tea package JSK. I especially love what she did with the wig, she recurled it herself!

TwinningThere was quite a bit of twinning at the event, some intentional and some by chance. Skye and Amanda did an amazing job of putting their outfits together. They are both wearing Baby the Stars Shine Bright Sweet Jewellery Princess JSK’s. The scepters, sashes and flowers in their hair really tied the outfits together. Sam and Victoria unintentionally twinned wearing Alice and the Pirates Carme de Rouge JSK’s. Maya and Sharon twinned together in Angelic Pretty Dream Sky JSK’s.

GroupsI got some lovely group shots . From Sydney there is Laura, Alanah, Sharon and Cherry. In the second picture I am standing with Holly, Heather and Lizzy. On the end is Xan, Candice and Erin.


A very cute group picture of some of the Sydney lolitas, Alanah, Holly, Sharon and Ji Eun. In the second picture is me (from Adelaide) Sharon (from Sydney) and Rhiannon (from Brisbane)


Me andThe event was a great time for me to say hello to friends that I didn’t get to see very often. Elliot and I do our best to look Aristocratic. I got photos with Cutie-pie Holly and new lolita Victoria, both who are absolutely adorable!


HatsI took this event as an opportunity, to wear one of the many hats that I don’t get to wear very often. I was glad to see that I was not the only one. I hat a Top Hat off, with Elliot and a hat appreciation picture with the lovely Holly.

MisakoOnce Misako arrived, everyone had to get pictures with her before the high tea started. She was so lovely and patient, she happily posed with every single lolita for pictures. She looked amazing in every single one of them and proved why she is one of the most popular lolitas models! Misako did her own write up on the event on her website here.

Menu and tea2With most of the photos taken, the high tea commenced. There was a great selection of scones, desserts and sandwiches on offer.


Menu and teaWhile we were eating Jessica did an interview with Misako and translated her answers to the group. Stand out questions for me were, “What is your favourite place to visit outside of Japan?”, to which she replied “Australia!”. “What were her thoughts on Australia?”, she thought it was very nice, though the food was very expensive, which after visiting Japan many times I can agree. And lastly “How many dresses did she have?”, she thought a little while before answering and said 100!!! She explained that she lived with her family and that her closet was on the second floor of their house!!

MisakogiMisako opening up her gift from the Australian lolitas which included a Koala bear and card. The card had a map of Australia on it and we had marked where we had all come from to visit her that weekend.


DerpingA Sydney lolita visit isn’t finished without taking in some of the derpiness! Maya and Sophia, Sharon and Alanah derping out in the first photo and some of the Sydney girls worshipping Laura who got a place in the best dressed competition picked out by Misako!


MeI took the opportunity to get a couple of nice shots while we had such a fantastic backdrop! For the event I wore a Alice and the Pirates Vampire Prelude JSK, chiffon 3/4 blouse, lace wristcuffs, rose walking stick and top hat. Offbrand rose lace tights and BTSSB leather shoes.


It was lovely being able to meet Misako again and to have such a large group of lolitas together from all over Australia in the one place! I really wish we could do an event like this every year!


♥ Alyssium♥




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