My Big Fat Poofi Petti

Being inspired by a recent photshoot I posted a competition on FB called “My big Fat Poofi Petti”, here are the results

Lolita Picture competition

To photograph the biggest poofiest lolita coodinate! How to enter (please read)

1. To enter you need to post a picture on the event page.

2. Voting is done by liking a picture (please try not to like every picture as that will making getting a winner difficult) …

3. The top five most liked pictures will be added to a survey and each person will be allowed to make one vote on the survey.

4. Entries will no longer be considered after midnight 31/8/12 5. Survey voting will take place on 1/9/12 6. A winner will be announced on the 2/9/12 5.

The winner will get a pink and sax Angelic Pretty Macaroon ring.

Picture rules

1. Only one lolita per a picture

2. Petticoats need to be hidden by a skirt or dress (not going to be super strict on this if you have a tiny bit peeking out)

3. Clothing will need to be of the general lolita aesthetic

Please keep in mind, the point of this competition is just to have some fun and get to know some other Australian lolitas, any questions please ask.


In no particular order:


Cming – I’m so rori, my skirt is ultra minin lololololol!

Alanah – LOLLLLLLOLOLOLOL INNOCENT WORLD ISNT SUPPOSE TO BE WORN LIKE THIS. Also I wanted to do more petticoats + an AP dress but I didn’t have the time nooooo.

Amy – Picture sadly doesn’t show full puffiness D: First time wearing my Toy Fantasy OTKS ♥

AmaryliseAmarylise – Not a very good entry, but here it is anyways 😛 I’ve somehow ripped my best petti and that’s the white you can see dangling in the three pettis section :< Need to fix that at some point.

AnnetteAnnete – Late to the party, but check these pettis. (minus derp face)

Bridget – Probably not one of the more impressive entries. I actually own only one petticoat so I had to improvise a but by wearing pretty much every skirt I own under my dress to achieve a bit of extra poof!

Kairii – LOVE PETTI. I wasnt going to actually enter this . But I had to share this as I have this AP dress that DOES have INFINITE “petticoat potential” (a term I coined for the number of petticoats that COULD fit under a dress XDD) 4 large petticoats latere, you can see there appears to be room for one more – its not even fully panned out yet….


Candice – Sadly my only three petticoats I own are quite flaccid. Sorry this is so many photo’s my camera wasn’t showing how puffy the skirt is. I also noticed that puffy skirts make me look short! *SQWEEE*


Carrie – Ok i pealed off my pjs! Haha! But in replacement I edited some sunnies to look cool….lol! Just four pettis under here, I couldnt find my other three XD

Sharon – My Starry Night Theatre gone poof XD

Tamara – This has all my four pettis under it :3


Jaana – Ha! Never ever has this much poof before XD

Kelly – Oh , the Huge Manatee~!


Me – As I’m nagging everyone to do one, here’s mine.


AND the winner is


I hope you all had fun doing this.


♥ Alyssium♥

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