One dress 3 ways, coordinate challenge

Take a dress and coordinate it three ways.
If you know other lolitas that have the same dress, you can do this challenge together and do a triplet.
Photoshop skills? Do a triple of yourself.
Have you worn a dress thee times in the past, do a comparison.
Challenge yourself to make the coordinates as different as you can.
Coordinates can be worn, on a mannequin or flatlays.

Tamara found that she has worn her Angelic Melty Chocolate JSK three different time at previous meet ups.


Nomi – Hell yeah, I’ve been waiting for this challenge. Sorry the photos look kind of awful.


Tamika – Presenting ‘Cupcake Llamas’ by Magic Cats Street
I really need a better camera πŸ˜‚


I went with my Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story JSK. I have three different hearwear for this dress, so I used that to theme the outfits. The mini top hat was a carnival style theme, the headbow a warm winter and the bonnet a more elegant navy.


Chelsea wearing a sax floral dress 3 ways.


Chelsea wearing Angelic Pretty Royal Creamy Chocolate JSK 3 ways.

Jasmine in a pink Baby the Stars Shine Bright JSK 3 ways


Jasmine wearing Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat JSK 3 ways.


Jasmine wearing Angelic Pretty Chocolate Chess 6 ways!


Corrina wearing Baby the Stars Shine Bright Claudia 3 ways


Corrina wearing a lavender JSK 4 ways.


Corrina wearing a black OP 3 ways


Nana – Look 1. Basic bright summer lolita
Look 2. Casual Lolita
Look 3. Obnoxious OTT pastel spew πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Lyn – This is my Pink Polkadot Bodyline OP dress in 3 different ways.
1. Easter – Bunny beret, pastel bag with bunny pom-pom and pastel t-strap shoes.
2. Floral – Flower crown headdress, various clip-on flowers and a pink bolero.
3. Basic – The OP worn with the matching head bow, pink beret and plain socks.


Sophie –Β I know this is four photos, but the pink cardi belongs with the third coord.

I have been playing around with this new jsk that I have. Getting a coord ready for when I am no longer pregnant. I miss my lolita clothes.


Nat – Here is my 3 way with Secret Library by Meta.
Since its going to start getting cooler, I wanted to start pairing up some warmer atire πŸ™‚ im still playing around with most of my wardrobe as I’d like to wear lolita more & do casual coords.
1) Classic Casual – btssb blouse & black otks (the gold sparkles on the sides of the otks don’t show here), gold bodyline shoes, Offbrand ribbon clip, star clip. Matching bonnet.
2) Classic Glam – btssb blouse, wine Offbrand stockings, bodyline navy shoes, black Offbrand bag/accessories, matching bonnet.
3) Classic Cute – btssb blouse, white Offbrand fluffy coat, baret & white stockings, bodyline navy shoes.
This was really fun to do, I am starting to like deeper colours.. makes me feel all warm and toasty! 😁


Tropicana – Here are a few dresses which I’ve co-ordinated 3 ways! Some of the photos are from years and years ago πŸ˜… Really need to try to wear some of my newer additions to my wardrobe in some different co-ords!




Nikarra – LIEF Gardenberries 4 ways, honestly my favourite dress ever to wear.


Heather – I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone take up the challenge of making as many coords with the same main piece! My original plan was coordinating a tartan skirt I have in 3 different ways (old school, punk & school lolita) but I’ve been super unwell and stuck in bed for over 2 weeks πŸ€’
So instead I present Rolando over the years worn 4 different ways πŸ–€
⚫1st Coord: Black x Blue Gothic
⚫2nd Coord: Kuro, my first attempt at Aristo
⚫3rd Coord: Black x Silver somewhere between EGL & EGA
⚫4th Coord: Black x White EGL coord.
*There is a gap in the timeline as I sold my roland to my lolita bestie and did not wear lolita for a period of time but bought it back off her and wear it more regularly.
I will do the tartan challenge myself when I’m well sometime 🌹
Thank you for all the inspo ❀



What a great result and so many lovely coordinates!

β™₯ Alyssiumβ™₯

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