Online Animal Crossing Lolita Meet

Don your best digital coords and head over to Somewhere, home of Ripley, and Cutie Pie, home of Sarah for a virtual lolita tea party

What you will need:
Animal Crossing New Horizons
A Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Online Subscription
Discord account
Special prizes will be given if you match your animal crossing coord in real life!
There are many cute items in the game that are already perfect for lolita! You can also find endless QR patterns people have made and posted online ^^
If you’re feeling creative, why not try making your own?


The release of Animal Crossing in March was a godsend for anyone stuck at home and trying to isolate. Nearly all my friends were playing it and for months i logged on and used it as a platform to be social. So many local lolitas were playing that we decided to have a online meet up.


Ripley hosted the teaparty on her island of Somewhere and her set up was so cute!


Selfie time with Colin!


Some quick outfit changes to show off some other lolita coordinates.


Twinning with my character


Dress: Angelic Pretty French Cafe Chest Ribbon JSK

Headwear: Offbrand flower clip

Blouse: Offbrand red chiffon blouse

Socks: Offbrand ankle socks

Shoes: Angelic Pretty Tea Parties





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