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Triplet titileWith the success of last year’s Twinning Meet, we’ve decided to bring it back and hopefully it’ll be bigger and better! Let’s try to get some triplets and quadruplets again too! Don’t forget twinning can include themes like the wonderful Alice and White Rabbit last year. Or maybe an elegant shiro x kuro couple would be great to see. Use your creativity, girls! And if you don’t have a twin but still want to join the fun, you are more than welcome, of course! We love you unique individuals as much as twins ♥ 

PollPlease refer to the poll in the event to see who you can twin with and in what dress. Please organise Twinning coordinates privately so we can all be a little surprised by the different groups of twins! Let’s get TWINNING! ♥

Here is a list of some of the things we have in our wardrobe that we thought we could find twins for, the ones with ticks next to them are the ones that I had selected.

As it turned out though, our Lief ordered arrived in time for Kendelle, Britt and I to triplet Garden berries. Out of luck we had all picked different colourways so we had the full set of colours to show off. This was a re-release of a print that Lief had done a couple of years ago, but with a different cut JSK and it turned out to be very popular!

Twinning1Lauren and Georgina look absolutely lovely in Alice and the Pirates Dance of the Black Cats in wine and black skirts. Sarah, Katey and Brooke are delicious all wearing  Chess Story chocolate JSKS matched with biscuit bags.

Twinning2Angela and Kairii are always the twinning queens! They look super adorable in their Angelic Pretty Honey cake x Rilakkuma cross collaborated outfits! It worked so well with Kairii doing Rilakkuma with the yellow colourway and Angela doing Korilakkuma in her ivory. On the right Britt and I show off our Lief Gardenberries in black and carrot colourways.

OOTD1Alec is our recent add to the community dabbling in aristocrat to match his adorable partner Dalestair. Alycia is wearing Angelic Prettys Glass Bottle of Tears OP, nicely matched with gold and pink accessories and golden shoes. Angela is one half of my favourite twin set for this meet in Angelic Prettys Honey Cake in Ivory. Put together with chocolate, biscuit and Korilakkuma accessories. Britt stands out from the crowd in Liefs Gardenberries Carrot colourway, I love how the print pops out on the skirt from this colour. Brooke is good enough to eat in this biscuit and chocolate combo from Chess Story. I really like how she has put together ivory and caramel and worked it through the outfit to balance. On her waist is a super cute little rosette that she hand stitched herself!

OOTD2The Chocolate theme is strong in our community, Chelsea follows the trend in Angelic Pretty Royal Creamy Chocolate in Ivory. I love the detail on the skirt, this print is definitely under appreciated! I bring up the second of our trio in Liefs Gardenberries. Looking over the outfit now, next time I might wear some ivory socks to break up the black a bit. Talking about looking good in black, Dalestair gets the Kuro look down pat in Innocent Worlds Takarano Arika English Garden OP. Following also in black in Georgina in a simple but elegant coordinate from Alice and the Pirates, Dance of the Black Cats. The second half of the awesome Honey Cake Twin is Kairii, who has put her half together with Ivory, chocolate and a pop of red. Just peeking out from her hair is a handmade Honey Cake brooch pinned to her cardigan.

OOTD3Kendelle rounds out our trio, wearing Gardenberries in Ivory put together with chocolate and Ivory. The colours balance out perfectly from her split wig to her toes! With a dazzling smile, Lauren looks perfect in her Alice and the Pirates Dance of the black cats coordinate twinned with Georgina. Her Ivory is a great contrast to Georgina who is almost all in black. Sarah forms part of the Chess Story Chocolate Chess trio, balancing out her chocolate with white and gold. Last but least is out cutie Sarah who is ready to set sail in Liefs Sailor OP and matching hat.The gorgeous burgandy colour wig was a great way to make her entire coordinate pop from just being all Ivory.

SpreadA selection of the food we had at the picnic, Brooke made an amazing pie! To balance out our usual sugar fest, I bought a healthy fruit alternative.

Group_smNo meet up is finished without our traditional group photo! Until next time.


♥ Alyssium♥


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