Royal Adelaide Show 2013

Show1The Royal Adelaide show crept up on us this year, its hard to believe it’s been another year since the last one! As it was short notice there was only a small group of us that went together this year. I forgot my camera and didn’t have the bf this year, so the only shots I got were from my phone, apologies for the quality of the images!

As usual the spring time weather is so hard to predict, it was a little warm, but also cool, so I decided to wear my new Emily Temple Cute Cherry JSK with a cropped Milk bolero. I have been wearing Lolita for a couple of years now so I’m quite used to the normal quizzical looks and smiles that you can get while wearing it. Even so I was quite surprised by the amount of people that were coming up to me and asking where I got it from, not just politely, but making a point to actually write down the brand and where it was from. After a couple of people had come up to speak to me, I asked about the interest. It so happens that we were in the fruit and garden section and I was informed that I had happened to walk through a number of people who owned cherry farms!

Show2After a day of perusing through the animals, exhibits and food it was time for the rides. I love the ambiance of the show, the sounds, the lights everyone having a good time. We were lucky that the weather stayed mild enough for us to enjoy the rides and not be too cold. Its not a full show experience unless you go on the Carousel, the Ferris Wheel and watch the fireworks!

Show3I picked up a Wizz Fizz showbag for me and a Fruchoc bag for chris and a giant fuzzy pawprint plush. Another show done for the year.


♥ Alyssium♥

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