Spring Twin

Its spring time and twin time!
Join in the fun and open up your wardrobes. Time to find out what you and your twin wear in common!


1. Deadline to join the event is midnight on the 8th of November. Please write twin in the pinned post if you would like to participate.
2. Once the deadline has closed a draw will take place to determine your partner, twins will be randomly generated.
3. Once partners have been pmed, I encourage you all to talk to each other. Share your wardrobes and pick a print or common theme that you both can twin with.
5. Discuss the positioning of the photos so you can match up, then each take a photo if yourself in the coordinate.
4. Once the photos have been taken put them together to post as one. I am happy to assist with photoshopping if anyone needs help.
Please post your photos in the group by the end of the month.


Opposite Twins!
☆ Dark Sky, Light Sky ☆
Lynnette and Jemma had no colour schemes, dresses or prints in common! It was so hard to think of how to twin! Looks like what we had in common was STARS!
She has such a beautiful wardrobe and really worked to pull something off last minute. Go team! ♡









Ouji Twins














Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern Twins

Kayla and I had nothing matching at all in our wardrobes with the exception of this dress which happened to be in the same print and colour, so we twinned Holy lantern holding lanterns!







Atelier Boz gothic Twins

Colin and Tropicana decided to get in the 2020 pandemic spirit for this challenge with their Atelier Boz co-ords! We couldn’t decide which photos we liked better so here are both of them

They definitely nailed it!




Spooky Twins

This is Riri and Alexandra twin coords! We decided to go with a spooky bittersweet vibe since we didn’t have any exact matching dresses… But I think we did super well for what we have! This was a lot of fun!











Polkadot Twins

Tamara and Nat were paired up. And after assesing her wardrobe we decided on black and red. I was able to match her mostly black with red coord with a mostly red with black coord and I think the polka dots really pulled it together 🙂










♥ Alyssium♥

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