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And Phew, done for another year. After taking so long to put together last year, I decided to make a earlier start. Unfortunately I moved house since my last post so I wasn’t able to cheat and reuse any pictures. It did give me the opportunity to drag everything out of my wardrobe, do a clean up and put outfits together, I’m actually really pleased how some of the outfits turned out. ┬áIt’s also really nice to look back and see how much my wardrobe has changed over the last 12 months, it certainly has grown in size! Continue reading…

HeaderWOOOOO Im going to throw a wardrobe party!!! Its taken me a year to finish, mainly because flo takes so long to dress/redress and I kept on buying and selling things. So finally this is an up to date list of all the things that are currently in my wardrobe. Its been fun to create the coordinates and see how my tastes have changed (or not changed over this time) I hope you enjoy perusing though my collection! Continue reading…


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