Australian Lolitas’ Wardobes

WardrobeIt’s January again (where did last year go?) and time for lolita wardrobe sharing.

As the name suggests, this event is all about sharing your lolita wardrobe with everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have one item, or one hundred, we would love for you to share it with us.

1.To participate in this event, please mark yourself as attending on the event page. Deadline to join the event is the 19th January, invitations that have not been answered will be removed at this time.
2. Sharing your wardrobe can be as little as putting your entire lolita collections together in one picture, sharing a Facebook album, website link or as videos. You can share as much or as little as you like.**Please note that if you find yourself quite busy, you can just post one picture of your wardrobe**
3. Please share your wardrobe on the event page by the 1st February.

Here are some wardrobes that the Australia lolitas’ shared ♥



Lei Leii’s otome/lolita closet











14316_600Xylia-x’s wardrobe










Angela Spoon and Fork, Angelas Lolita Wardrobe











Tilly Tilly Michelle’s Lolita Wardrobe








6364_600 Pointetothesky’s wardrobe 2014










qc9ylBPgothmeow’s wardrobe









20312_600 Mintiemii’s Wardrobe 2014










 2014_wardrobeheader_zpsefd0d82dkirstie20plus’ Wardrobe + Room Tour Post! (Image VERY heavy!)









banner xNigh†mare Doll’s 2014 Wardrobe Post!









1828_900catsofumbridge First Wardrobe Post!









Doge-itaBanner_zpsfb258e75Lexkimo’s Wardrobe Post 2014







2101_originalgam1ng_g0ddess My First Wardrobe Post









9482_900violet_sometime’s first wardrobe post










11485_600nixijinxi Wardrobe Post 2014









96550_originalManly closet post: part II



















10471_originalwildfillysama’s wardrobe!











3700_originalRoyallyBlah Wardrobe Progress!












IMG_0012_zps257ef4c9irascorpious First ever wardrobe post










41420_600Charcol’s First Wardrobe Post










HeaderPic sugarcreamtea’s 2014 wardrobe












586_600*TyrianJubilee* Wardrobe Post 2014












I hope you enjoyed looking through some Australian Lolitas’ Wardrobes.

♥ Alyssium♥

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