Tying the perfect bow, or close to it

6-1Lolita is all about the aethetic, looking and feeling pretty. There is just one thing that usually spoils this……. the waist ties. Trying to tie the perfect bow? Endlessly frustrated about them looking limp or not straight or with one waist tie longer than the other! Me too!


Do you want your waist ties to have a bow like this? Or do they end up looking like this?
Well look no further, Im going to show you a method that the staff from Baby the Stars Shine Bright use to tie their bows.


Grab both of your waist ties and loop the right tie underneath the left tie, so that it looks like this.


Take the waist tie that goes down and fold it to make a loop. Flip the loop to the right side.


With the lower waist tie flipped over, take the waist tie that you have been holding up and wrap around completely once. Pull that same waist tie so that it hangs down over the wrap that you just made.


This is the hardest part to work out so read carefully. Move the overhanging waist tie to the left and then pull underneath and though the loop that was sitting underneath. The bow may be looking a little uneven at this point, so to even it out pull the back of the right loop, this will tighten the middle part of the bow and even out both loops on either side.
Once you have done that, a little bit of pulling here and there and you will get a bow that ties beautifully nearly every single time!

♥ Alyssium♥



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