Valentine’s Lovely Pair Meet

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we invite you to share an afternoon with your lovely lolita friends.

Dress up with a lolita friend in a matching coordinate (twinning or otherwise). There’ll be prizes for the best coordinated pair of lolitas! 



The Hello Kitty Cafe is fast becoming one of our favourite places to meet up. Its such a convenient location and the food there is so cute! Coorina and I decided to share a Hello Kitty tea platter. There was so much and every single item was adorable!













Taking a look at some of the other things that were ordered. Ishtar got this delicious looking fruit and icecream sundae, which totoaly goes with her Angelic Pretty Milky Berry print!
















Sarah ordered a savoury waffle and salad. I love how adorable she looks in her Lief Sailor Logo coordinate.




How cute is this itty bitty Hello Kitty macaron? I almost “(almost) didn’t want to eat it.















Marian ordered a creme brulee with a toffee Hello Kitty on top.



We got 2 lots of twins then a couple of sets for the day. Lauren and Alycia twinned in Alice and the Pirates Midsummers Night Dream JSKS. Olivia and I twinned in Lief Celesial JSKS. Angela, Kaiiri and Brooke went with are biscuit theme.

Dalestair and Alec themed together in a lovely emerald green and black colourway, Dalestair is wearing a Lief Waltz under the Moonlight Chandelier JSK. Rebecca is wearing a Angelic Pretty Romantic Rose letter JSK and Nikki is wearing a Metamorphose D.Walkure Jacket and skirt. Sarah, Pepper and Lisa are collectively pretty in pink. Sarah is in an Angelic Pretty low waist Chess Chocolate JSK, Pepper is in a BTSSB fully shirred JSK and LIsa is cool and casual in a pink stripe skirt.


♥ Alyssium♥



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