2015 Showcase

With 2015 drawing to a close it’s time to celebrate the fun, frivolity and frills that we’ve had together and to showcase your Lolita looks for the year. Did you meet your lolita goals from last year?


In January we kicked off our first meet with a Chocolate Hilton High Tea,  I wore my Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate Round JSK. I coordinated  it with an Angelic Pretty ivory regimental headbow, Wondertropolis chocolate blouse, Angelic Pretty Chocolate Logo Ribbon OTKs and chocolate boots, Q-pot biscuit necklace and bracelets, Angelic Pretty Melty Ribbon Chocolate Bracelet, Sweet Cream Biscuit Ring and Chocolate Piece Rings.

This Wondertropolis blouse comes with a large chiffon bow that you can tie at the neck that I opted out for because you couldn’t see the necklace, looking back now I think the blouse looks a little plain, like it needed something at the collar to finish it off. I also think that the necklace looks a little out of scale for the rest of the outfit (too big) Otherwise I am quite happy with how this outfit turned out. Often with browns its hard to get them all in the same shade, so I think that worked. I am also happy that Im using my own hair for this outfit.


For Valentines day we had our Valentine’s Lovely Pair Meet at the Hello Kitty cafe. I twinned with Olivia in Liefs Celestial JSK. I paired it with an offbrand velvet headbow, Lief globe necklace, Metamorphose chiffon blouse, Milk gold star bracelet, black anklet socks and wine Baby the star shine Bright shoes.

This was a very simple outfit, it was very hot (still summer) so i went with my default trusty Metamorphose chiffon blouse. Despite the simplicity, I am happy with how it turned out.  I really like the colouring and length of the dress. Had it not been so hot it would have been nice to add in some extra elements. I am wearing my natural hair down again (though it looks like my fringe is ready for a trim!)



In February we had our annual strawberry meet and I wore my Angelic Pretty Berry Garden Tiered JSK and matching barrette. I coordinated it with my favourite Metamorphose chiffon short sleeve blouse, ankle socks and Angelic Pretty red tea parties. For accessories I had my BTSSB ivory parasol, Angelic Pretty Berry Garden shoulder bag offbrand red heart sun glasses, Angelic Pretty Milky Berry Bracelet and necklace, Beerenberg felt strawberry brooch, Doki Doki strawberry ring and Angelic Pretty sweet berry wristcuffs.

Its almost a carbon copy of the coordinate from last year with a different Angelic Pretty dress (I do like the cut of this one more) though i do prefer how I am using my natural hair which was one of my lolita goals from last year. Summer in Australia does make it a bit harder to coordinate, I do generally always go with this blouse in summer and ankle socks to be as light an breezy as possible. I do like this better than the Strawberry coordinate last year.



In March we attended a special screening of Cinderella and I wore my Angelic Pretty Royal Unicorn Switching Gobelins JSK and matching headbow and tights. I put it together with an Angelic Pretty Classical Lady Blouse, Silver star bag and glitter heels. I went with silver and pearl accessories to match the shoes.

Apologies for the picture, the cinema had quite poor lighting so the picture didn’t come out very well. I went with a blue theme as Cinderella’s dress was blue and I felt very elegant and princessy in this outfit. It is pretty much head to toe Angelic Pretty with the exception of the Cyperous wig and pearl accessories, but I love how I looked and felt in this outfit.


Tamara and I had a little Alice inspired photoshoot in the Himeji gardens and I wore Angelic Pretty Wonder Party mini sleeve JSK and matching headbow and socks. I coordinated it with Angelic Pretty sax tea parties and for accessories I wore Angelic Pretty Sax wristcuffs, Eat me cookie ring, Tea cup Cookie ring,  Spade Cookie Ring and Baby the Stars Shine Bright Eat me ring.

Even though everything is again all Angelic Pretty (except for one ring) I love the entire outfit and the photos that we had. I guess with OPs its a little harder to add extra elements (unless its colder and you add a cardigan or jacket) I have my natural hair again and it looks like its this style is becoming a favourite. I don’t think i would change anything about this.


We held a Teddy Bears picnic at the Botanic Gardens and I wore my  Baby the Stars Shine Bright Kuma Kumya-chan’s Sweet Chocolate Baby Doll JSK and matching tights. To coordinate it I went with handmade bear ears, a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Lourder Blouse, Innocent World double strap heels and a  Baby the Stars Shine Bright Kuma Kumya mini Rucksack. For accessories I wore a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Sweets Choco Necklace, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Kuma Kumya-chan Cookie Ring and Qpot charity chocolate silicon bracelets (mint, milk and chocolate)

At the end of March its getting cooler and you can finally look forward to normal blouses and Otks again. I’m really pleased how well the mint blue blouse goes with the colour in the border print of the JSK. One of my last years resolutions was finding more coloured blouses so I am glad I have ticked this was off. I’m also really happy with how the headdress came out, I hunted high and low to find a fur that matched Kuma Kumya, as well as hand dying the lace and hand sewing this together. In addition I am using my natural hair, so I think that actually ticks all three new year goals in one outfit.


While the weather was still nice (nice but very windy) Corrina and I had a Pirate photoshoot at the beach and I wore my Alice and the Pirates Treasure hunt in the Mystic Island Alvida JSK  with matching socks. Worn with a AATP tricorn, BTSSB Angels Gentle Whisper chiffon blouse in Ivory, Angelic Pretty wristcuffs, AATP Caption Hollows eyepatch, belt, Treasure chest and TUK boots.

It was a very hot blustery day and I was very thankful that both the blouse and the dress were very light to wear. Although still very feminine, this outfit felt badass to wear and I got many compliments and questions while we were down at the beach. I’m really happy how many extra pieces went into building this outfit, even if many of them were Alice and the pirates. I’m looking forward to wearing this again on a less windy day.


We had a Wonderland Teaparty at Rymil park and since I had already done an Alice this year,  I instead went for a Queen of Hearts inspired outfit wearing Angelic Prettys Marionette Girl OP and matching headbow. I put it together with a Gothic Lolita two tone wig, Angelic Pretty Queen Trump half bonnet, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Butterfly crown, Offbrand trump tattoo tights, Melissa x Vivienne Westwood Triple strap heels and a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Ribbon heart bag (not pictured). For accessories I had a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Butterfly crown Scepter (also not pictured), Baby the Stars Shine Bright ivory umbrella, Angelic Pretty Trump Wristcuffs and Wonder Queen ring.

Of everything in my wardrobe this is my favourite dress and it never fails to make me feel amazing when wearing it. I have bought countless trump accessories over the years to go with the dress and had to hold off from putting them over every inch of my body! I love the classic simple design of this dress and also kept it simple when coordinating.


Finally we head into winter and we went to the Mount Lofty Botanic gardens for a winter photoshoot. I wore my Innocent World Strahov Library Corset JSK. I coordinated it with  a IW chocolate blouse, AP beret, 3 way violin chocolate bag,  tights and brown Innocent World double strap heels.

I really like how browns of the beret, blouse and dress go with each other, but don’t like how the chocolate of the bag is different. Also glaringly obvious, why did I wear black tights??? I assume it was cold and I don’t think I have brown ones….. surely though I have socks that would have gone better than black tights? Other than that, happy that i have my natural hair and in a different style than worn in earlier outfits.



In October I got married and the day before I had a high tea at Mount Lofty so that i could celebrate with friends and wear my Baby the Stars Shine Bright Mariage du Poupée Dress set . I wore it with pearls, ankle socks and Baby the Stars shine bright heels.

The day before my wedding i took my bridesmaids to the day spa at Mount Lofty house, it ran a little over so we were in a bit of a mad rush to get ready for the High tea. I also forgot to pack Otks and no time to style my hair so went with my favourite wig instead. Looking at the picture I do wish the flowers on the veil and bouquet matched and that I was wearing Otks or tights, but considering the circumstances it turned out ok. I have great memories of the weekend and its nice to have the pictures to remind me.




Towards the end of the year, we had a SBS film crew come out and film some of the lolitas in Adelaide. Part of the filming was during a high tea where I wore my Alice and the Pirates Tea Time Nostalgia JSK I and matching bonnet. Worn with an vintage ivory blouse, Alice and the Pirates lace wrist cufss, offbrand ivory tights and Melissa x Vivienne westwood gold three strap heels.

I love the cut and length of this dress and feel that the vintage lace of the top, wristcuffs and tights work really well with the dress. Its very comfortable to wear and feels great on. I did wear a wig on the day, though I wished i had spent the time to style my natural hair.



Our wrap up to the year was the Christmas lunch at the Hello Kitty cafe. I wore my Baby the Stars shine Bright Kumya chan’s Christmas Holly Night Scallop JSK. I coordinated it with my handmade Kumya headdress, Metamorphose chiffon blouse, Large Kuma Kumya backpack, ankle socks, Queen Bee shoes, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Hello Kitty bangle and Kuma Kumya ring.

So getting to the end of the year again and we have entered hot season, back to default chiffon blouse and ankle socks. I am happy that I am using my own hair, I am wearing a handmade piece with my coordinate, but just have default black and white accessories with the outfit. Sometimes I really wish that we had colder weather at Christmas so I could wear the thicker Christmas prints and still be comfortable. I wonder if we should have a mid year Christmas in July so we can wear a Christmas print in the cold and I can make a more interesting coordinate.


And that’s all my 2015 outfits. Last year my resolutions were to experiment with colour and non lolita items more, do more crafting, and use my own hair more often. I think I definitely ticked the using my own hair more often, in 8/12 outfits I am using my own hair, though perhaps I need to have a go and practicing some more styles. I did give more colour a go, but in reviewing the weather, I realized I default to my white and black chiffon blouses alot simply because its too hot to wear anything else. I did get in a couple of non branded items and a handmade headdress which I am really happy with, hopefully I will get a chance to do this more often. I have come to the realization that I do like hunting down main pieces with outfits, so although I would like to experiment more, I don’t think I will get out of wearing matchy outfits.

Next year lolita resolutions, try some new hair styles and try again to incorporate more colour, non branded or hand made items in my coordinates.


♥ Alyssium♥

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