2016 Lolita Wardrobe post

berryAngelic Pretty Honey Cake Yoke JSK  in ivory with matching headbow and braceletWorn with a BTSSB blue blouse, Q-Pot pancake necklace, Angelic Pretty 3 way Marine rucksack, sax striped socks and red Tea parties. I wasn’t a huge fan of this print when it came out, but it grew on me so much that I had to have it and picked it up on lacemarket.  Worn here 

berryAngelic Pretty Sweet Cream House JSK in caramel with matching headbow and necklace. Worn with a chocolate Wondertropolis chiffon blouse, Q-Pot beret, Leur Getter Bag, ETC tights and Angelic pretty chocolate tea parties. This is another print that didn’t catch my eye until I saw it in person. Bought all the pieces individually from on EGL, on facebook, Angelic Pretty and from a local lolita. Worn here

berryBaby the Stars Shine Bright Kuma Kumya’s Sweet Chocolate Baby Doll JSK in chocolate x mint with matching tights. BTSSB mint blouse, Kuma Kumya plush bag and chocolate tea parties. I was able to purchase this in person at a BTSSB store.


Angelic Pretty Chocolate Quartet Collar JSK in mint with matching headbow, socks and sash. Worn with AP cutsesw, bag and IW chocolate heels. This series was not very popular so I was able to very easily pick up all the pieces of the set. I was quite surprised as I really like the print and the design.



berryAngelic Pretty Melty Chocolate Short Sleeve JSK with matching beret, headbow, necklace, bracelet, bangle, cardigan and bag. Worn with AP wristcuffs, socks and chocolate boots. A very matchy, matchy set, but I am proud to have tracked down so many pieces of this hard to find set! Worn here

berryAngelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Dropped Waist JSK in mint. Worn with a offbrand ivory cutsew, Ap necklace, bow combs, rosette, bag, socks and tea parties. I bought this JSK, sold it, regretted it and found it again while shopping in Osaka. Worn here

berryAngelic Pretty Fruits Parlour OP in mint. Worn with a Milk necklace, AP white maid headdress, Strawberry bag, cuffs, strawberry socks and mint tea parties. This design has such a cute retro vibe to it, I can just imagine waitresses wearing it in the 60’s. Worn here


We’re All Mad Here Sugary Bones JSK in mint with matching hairbow. BTSSB pink blouse, AP mint wristcuffs, WAMH Skelepony, pink anklet socks and AP tea parties. This JSK was designed by a local lolita and indie designer. Her creepy cute prints are refreshing and the cuts of the dress are very comfortable. Worn here




Angelic Pretty Luck of the Key JSK in mint. Worn with a AP beret, rosette, offbrand lace blouse, IW jabot, bag and socks and BTSSB shoes. I love the colour of this JSK, a colour not often used in lolita. I was lucky to take over a SS place to pick this JSK up.


 Emily Temple Cute Biscuit Print Sleeveless OP in lavender (although it looks blue) Worn with an offbrand blouse, swimmer biscuit bag, Innocent World socks and Vintage leather heels. I previously owned in it ivory and could never coordinate it to my satisfaction. I ended up selling it and replacing it with this colour.


Angelic Pretty Royal Unicorn Gobelin Switching JSK in lavender with matching tights and headbow. AP 3/4 sleeve chiffon blouse and sax tea parties. When this print first came out, it didn’t really catch my eye. When I saw it in person in Japan I loved it! You are not able to see the fine detail of the fabric or colours in a picture.

berryAlice and the Pirates Tea Time Nostalgia JSK in navy with matching bonnet and socks. Worn with an offbrand ivory blouse and ETC navy glitter wedges. I love the print and cut of this JSK, it sits perfectly and is really comfortable. Worn here




Baby the Stars shine Bright Kuma Kumya’s Royal Kingdom JSK I in navy. Worn with a BTSSB hat, KumaKumiya bag, Metamorphose blouse and socks and Angelic Pretty Tea Parties. Kuma Kumiya is my favourite of the BTSSB plush characters and this print was too cute to pass up!


 Krad Lanrete The Twelve Constellations of the Zodiac JSK in navy with matching bonnet. Worn with a BTSSB ivory blouse and rosary, AATP bag, AP socks and Vivienne Westwood heels. I saw posts about this JSK go up on facebook and was able to buy it on first release. I was really impressed in person, the fabric has a lovely texture on it that none of the photos show.


Metamorphose Vintage Cameo High Waist Pinafore JSK in navy, second release. Worn with AATP ivory blouse, socks and Emily Temple Cute ribbon shoes. I wasn’t able to get this on first release, so was really happy when they released it a second time.

berryAngelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette JSK in navy with matching headbow. Worn with an offbrand chocolate blouse, Angelic Pretty heart bag and teaparties and Emily Temple Cute chocolate socks. I remember when this was originally announced and the bloodbath of a release that soon followed. This is from the second release and I have lost track of how many more came after that.




Alice and the Pirates Treasure hunt in the Mystic Island Alvida JSK with matching headbow and socks. Worn with a AATP tricorn, BTSSB Angels Whisper chiffon blouse in Ivory, AATP Caption Hollows eyepatch, AATP belt, AATP Treasure chest and IW boots. This lovely little number sold out straight away on the BTSSB reservation site causing me to have a table flip moment and go and splurge with Angelic Pretty. Very difficult to hunt down!


Alice and the Pirates Vampire Requiem JSK in navyWorn with a AATP blouse, Treasure Chest bag,  Rosier widow toque hat, black OTK’s and patent shoes. I did not understand why this dress was so popular until I got it. The lace and detailing is lovely and it is very flattering when worn, one of my favourites! Worn here


 Lief Noble High Tea OP in navy with bows. Worn with a rose pin, offbrand lace tights and ETC navy glitter heels. Purchased on reservation from Lief. I really like the details on this dress, from the lace patterns to macaron tower!

berryInnocent World Grazia Crown JSK in navy. Worn with a IW ivory blouse, socks and bag, offbrand headbow and tassel and BTSSB shoes. This colour of Grazia Crown has been on my wishlist for a while, so when the opportunity came up that it might come in the lucky pack, I went all out and got the biggest one and crossed my fingers. I must have been good this year because it was the first item when I opened up my box!




Lief Logo Ribbon Sailor OP with matching headbow and hat (not shown). Worn with AATP sailor hat and socks, AP shoulder bag and tea parties and BTSSB Usakumya. The Sailor collar on this is detachable which means that it can turn any other coordinate you have into a sailor outfit. Worn here


Angelic Pretty Lucky Key High Waist JSK in navy with headdress. Worn with AP black chiffon blouse, key necklace, rosette and teaparties, Jane marple black shoulder bag and Miho Matsuda key OTK’s. I was able to get a SS to pick this up for me on the release day.


 Innocent World Westminster Choir Corset JSK in navy with matching socks. Worn with a BTSSB black chiffon blouse, AATP Gloria pearl headdress, BTSSB violin bag and AATP shoes. I really like how the stained glass windows pop out from the navy background on this print.

berryAngelic Pretty Fairy Marine OP in navy. Worn with offbrand beret, BTSSB pin, AP bag, socks and tea parties. I loved this when it came out, but it sold out immediately, I was really happen that they rereleased this.



berryAngelic Pretty Chess Emblem JSK in mint with matching beret. Worn with AATP red chiffon blouse, Jane marple OTKs and Angelic Pretty Tea Parties. I was able to get a SS to pick this up for me on the release day.


Angelic Pretty Toy Drops OP in navy with matching barrette and wristcuffs. Worn with red polkadot cardigan, bonbon combs, bonbon headdress,s, striped socks, teaparties and AP red x pink candy bag. I was umming and ahhhing for so long over this print and in the mean time it sold out on the international website. I was very lucky to be able to still pick it up on sale from the SF website.  My go to dress when i want something light and comfortable. Worn here


 Angelic Pretty French Cafe Chest Ribbon JSK  in navy with matching headbow, hat and socks. Worn with a offbrand red chiffon blouse, AP teacup bag, plate, teaset and cutlery novelties and teaparties. This was another set that I sold and then bought again ( I really need to stop doing that)

berryAngelic Pretty Fantasic Dolly JSK in red with matching headbow and tote bag. ETC turtle-neck knit cutsew, Disney 30th Anniversary Minnie Ears, Minnie Mouse mitts, black tights and yellow tea parties. I think everyone thinks of Minnie Mouse when they see this print, I was super excited to wear this to Disney Japan. Worn here and here



berryAngelic Pretty Berry Garden Tiered JSK in red with matching barratte. Worn with Metamorphose chiffon white blouse, AP wristcuffs, socks and tea parties. I have a weakness for red berry prints.


Atelier Angel Rennaissance/Elizabethan handmade OP  with matching blouse and hat. worn with ivory lace tights and Vivienne Westwood heels. I followed the progress of this lovely dress on Atelier Angels tumblr and happened to be on lacemarket the moment that she listed it. Its an absolutely gorgeous piece and I feel very lucky to own it!


 Alice and the Pirates Sleepless Masquerade in the Twilight JSK II in red with matching bonnet. Worn with a offbrand gold mask, IW ivory socks and ETC gold glitter heels. This series is so much more lovelier in person, the pictures really do not do the dress justice. I picked up the JSK in closet child while in Japan.

berryAlice and the Pirates Guilty Meltin’ Sweets Town Jumper Skirt Ⅱ in wine. Worn with a offbrand velvet ribbon headbow, AATP black blouse and bag, harlequin socks and TUK boots. I really like the mix of wine and orange, its very Halloween. Worn here



berryAngelic Pretty Coat of Arms Tartan Switching JSK in red .Worn with a BTSSB hat, blouse, AATP tent bag, socks and gold boots. A super comfortable JSK that I wear out when I don’t have much time to get ready.


Angelic Pretty Mercator Antique Shop JSK in wine with matching headbow. Worn with triple Fortune beret, AATP navy blouse, AP unicorn necklace and socks, Milk heart bag and ETC glitter shoes. I was in Japan for this release, I lined up and pulled 25 (but Victor gave me his number 12 ticket) which was low enough to get my choice of anything in the series as well as the Celestial OP which showed up in store at the same time.


 Jane Marple Royal Stripe Square JSK  in Wine/Bordeaux. Worn with an offbrand gold crown, BTSSB black chiffon blouse, necklace and suitcase, AP socks and TUK boots. This was a impulse buy after tax time.

berryInnocent Word Strahov Library Corset JSK in brown. Worn with a IW blouse, AP beret, 3 way violin chocolate bag, chocolate tights and bronze Vivienne Westwood heels. I was not quick enough to get this on release, it sold out, but I was really happy to find it on my birthday in closet child.




Innocent World Original Chocolate Print JSK in green (even though it looks navy) with matching headbow and drawstring pouch. After two years I was really happy to find the matching headbow in CC Yokohama. With Innocent World long sleeved blouse, Q-pot chocoloate piece pearl necklace, lace anklet socks and Innocent World heels.  Found on Mbok. Worn here


Juliette et Justine La bibliothèque JSK in brown. Worn AATP black blouse, IW floral headbow and book bag, AP key necklace . This was the first thing I spotted after walking into closet child Harajuku on a trip to Japan. Was very happy as I missed the release. Worn here


 Juliette et Justine La bibliothèque OP in black. Innocent World book bag, AATP key necklace, black OTKs and black oxford heels. This dress fits like a dream and because of the lower waist is really flattering! Bought this from another Australian lolita.


Alice and the Pirates Royal Crown’s Tea Package JSK I in navy with matching beret, rosette and tights. worn with a Metamorphose black blouse, Jane Marple tartan bag and AP chocolate short boots. Tartan really grew on me this year, along with green and navy colourways. Worn here



berryAngelic Pretty Loyal Rosette JSK in green with matching beret, headbow and socks. Worn with AP blouse and necklace, Jane marple shoulder bag and ETC gold glitter wedges. I was very happy to be able to get first in line with my SS to confirm my reservation for this set as it was very popular!


Jane Marple Royal Order Square JSK in green. Worn with Triple Fortune beret, AATP blouse, necklace and bag, black offbrand tights and BTSSB red shoes. The print on this dress is amazing and is what started off my love of Jane Marple.


 Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story Switching JSK  in green with matching bonnet, hat, headbow and novelty pony. Worn with a AATP blouse, ETC present box bag, and Ap socks and teaparties. This was a long time wishlist item and I was lucky to be able to snap up almost the entire set.


Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story Switching JSK in black with matching headbow and hat. Worn with AP blouse and shoes, AP bag and BTSSB candy cane tights. One of my favourite prints and designs (which is why I have two colourways) Worn here



berryAngelic Pretty Marionette Girl OP in black with matching headbow, bonnet, bag, cuffs, Marionette OTKs and shoes. My number one holy grail dress in my grubby little mitts!! Took over a year of searching to find this baby for sale and it wasn’t exactly cheap either ( I could have bought 2 new AP sets for the price I paid) but at least it included the matching headbow, bonnet and socks. Who said money couldn’t buy happiness? Worn here


Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival black halter JSK in black with matching headbow and socks. Worn with offbrand lace bolero, dokidoki gold glitter ribbon clips, Milk heart bag and BTSSB wedge heels. This series was released right before I went to Japan in December 2011. I recall seeing the pictures for it and I wasn’t all that keen until I saw it in person at the Angelic Pretty Anniversary night. The gold glitter carousel is gorgeous and I love the back chiffon bustle. Worn here


 Lief Gardenberrie Rabbit JSK in black with matching bows. Worn with a offbrand straw hat, AATP black chiffon blouse, BTSSB straw bag, offbrand tights and ETC glitter wedges.I love this print, has a sweet country feel to it. Purchased directly from Lief. Worn here


Alice and the Pirates End of Immortal Eden JSK in black with matching headbow and bonnet. AATP rose slide, Angels Whisper chiffon blouse and rose walking stick, offbrand rose and lace tights and BTSSB red leather heels. One of my favourite outfits. Worn here




Juliette et Justine Die Sterntaler (Star Money) OP
Worn with Pearls, black tights and ETC black glitter wedges. My favourite part of this dress is the fluttery sleeves and goldern waist ribbon. Also purchased on EGL.


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Kumya chan’s Christmas Holly Night Scallop JSK in black with matching socks, and headbow. Worn with a metamorphose chiffon blouse KumaKumiya back pack and AP shoes. I hand made a matching KumaKumiya fur headdress to go with this set and I’m super proud how it turned out.


 Emily Temple Cute French Poodle JSK in black. ETC black cutsew, AP necklace, ETC glitter headband, Milk heart bag, ankle socks and AP heels. I really love the cut of this dress, it is super comfortable to wear and the fabric is lovely! Worn here and here


Metamorphose Twinkle Journey OP in black with matching headbow and socks. Worn with BTSSB pearl cross necklace and TUK strapped boots. I bought this off my lolita friends, it never fails to make me feel like a princess while wearing it. Worn here and here.



Alice and the Pirates A Midsummer Night’s Dream JSK II
 in black with matching tights. Worn with a Black Peace Now jacket, Moi Meme Moitie Rose clip, Alice and the Pirates rosary and book bag and Emily Temple cute navy glitter heels. I love the print on the JSk, just not so crash hot about the cut.


Alice and the Pirates Birdcage JSK in black x white. Worn with a black BTSSB blouse, AATP pearl cross necklace, pearl headbow, treasure chest, BTSSB black OTK’s and Victorian maiden boots. I saw this when it had already sold out out on the international website, luckily my friend was able to get it from SF BTSSB for me. Worn here.


  Atelier Pierrot Corset OP in black. Worn with AATP bonnet and birdcage bag, Innocent World blouse, JetJ overbust corset, Mary Magdelene underskirt, offbrand lace tights and JetJ heels. this dress is so versatile, its a great basic black to put together in lots of coordinates. Worn here

berryAlice and the Pirates Trick hat, Pricked Heart Corset JSK in black with matching necklace. Worn with AATP bowler hat, blouse, offbrand black tights and Vivienne Westwoord heels. I bought the babydoll version on release but sold that to replace it with the corset JSK, found on lacemarket.



Angelic Pretty British Court Coat in camel. Purchased online from Angelic Pretty berry

Angelic Pretty Heart-Chan Coat with hood. My SS located for me.

                   Fairy Wish Red Riding Hood Jacket in red. Purchased on EGL comm sales.

                   Angelic Pretty Acardemy Coat in black. Purchased from Closet child



berryAnd another one of my hobbies that crosses over, ball jointed dolls.



berryBaby the Stars Shine Bright Pink Hawase Dress set released with the opening of Kamikaze girls the movie in Japan 2004. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pink Hawase OP released in 2003, and 2007
Baby the Stars Shine Bright released SDG Momoko at the same time of the Movie release in 2004. Only 101 dolls were made with the first going to Kyoko Fukuda the actress who played Momoko in Kamikaze girls. Five other dress sets were sold along with this release, this is 1/5 of the dress sets. Another find on EGL, and a friend  in Japan found the matching bag for me.



berryBaby the Stars Shine Bright White Hawase Dress set released with the opening of Kamikaze girls the movie in Japan 2004
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pink Hawase OP released in 2003, and 2007
Baby the Stars Shine Bright 2/5 of the dress sets released in 2004.



berryBaby the Stars Shine Bright Heart Apron, blouse and Gingham skirt set released with the opening of Kamikaze girls the movie in Japan 2004
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Heart Apron, blouse and Gingham skirt set.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright 3/5 of the dress sets released in 2004. Headdress, skirt, blouse and apron all found from different sellers on EGL Comm Sales.




Baby the Stars Shine Bright Heart Karami Baby doll JSK set released with the opening of Kamikaze girls the movie in Japan 2004
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Karami Baby doll JSK released in 2007.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright 4/5 of the dress sets released in 2004. Many releases have been made of this JSK but the original is hard to find!


79aberryBaby the Stars Shine Bright Elizabeth OP set released with the opening of Kamikaze girls the movie in Japan 2004
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Elizabeth OP released in 2004 and again in 2011.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright 5/5 of the dress sets released in 2004.



berryBaby the stars Shine Bright Little Red Riding Hood One Piece Coat set sold at Dolpa Osaka 3 2007
Baby the stars Shine bright Little Red Riding Hood One Piece coat released in 2003, 2004, and 2006
A very popular design to be released so many times! I found the OP on garagesalejapan and the Heart bag and shoes a little while later.




Volks SDG Bianka released with Baby the Stars Shine Bright Robe A La Francaise dress set released at Dolpa Kyoto 5 2008

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Robe A La Francaise released in 2008.




Volks SDG Lieselotte released with Baby the Stars Shine Bright Gingham Check Rolled Rose Doll OPDress dress set first released in 2002 and then in 2010 at Dolpa Osaka 6
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Gingham Check Rolled Rose Doll OP first released in 2002, and then in 2010.
A recent purchase made on Tumblr!




Volks SDG Charlotte released with Baby the Stars Shine Bright Mariage du Poupée Dress set released at Dolpa Osaka 6 2010.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Mariage du Poupée Dress set released in 2007 Found on Rakuten.




Liselotte “In my closet room” version  released with Baby the Stars Shine Bright “Marionette in my closet room” Milk Tea Doll Coordinate Dress Set released at Dolpa Nagoya 5 2013

Baby the Stars Shine Bright “Marionette in my closet room” Milk Tea OP and bonnet released in 2013 bought from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.




Lief Alice in the Mixworks special collaboration with  ST.Baker 221B released in 2013


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