2020 Showcase

2020 is probably a year that alot of us would like to forget. The Coronavirus (Covid) pandemic meant the majority of us doing the right thing, were isolating or staying at home which makes it hard for a lolita meet up!

With the restrictions, we didnt organise many in person meets, most were online community challanges. Of the 7 outfit pictures I have here, 6 are at home and only the last taken in December is taken elsewhere.


Having a rough start to the year and various lockdowns, my first meet of the year was an online Animal Crossing teaparty. We were invited to an island which had an adorable little garden and tables set up for a tea party. We chatted as a group on discord and ran around the island generally having some cute innocent fun.

Being my first meet up I decided to twin with my Animal Crossing character for the event. With the plentiful amount of lolita designs shared online I had a huge amount to choose from. I ended up going with my Angelic Pretty  French Cafe Chest Ribbon JSK as there were a couple of items I was able to match with my character. The in game lolita items are fairly limited so I went with a floral accessory, red blouse, white anklet socks and ballet shoes that looked similar to my Angelic Pretty Tea parties. The outfit was more about trying to match my character than building a coordinate and Im very happy how the two of us looked ♥


In July the Australian community had a substyle challenge, to put together a coordinate of a substyle that you hadn’t worn before.

This dress had been sitting in my wardrobe ever since I had bought it and it seemed the perfect time to get it out and give Wa-lolita a try. Metamorphose definitely seem to be the go to brand, for wa-lolita style dresses and usually release at least one in this style a year. I have long admired the dresses and when I saw the Koi fish and the pictures of Misako wearing it, I decided this would be the one I would get. The JSK is Metamorphose Daydreaming Goldfish JSK with matching bow slides, wristcuffs and OTKs, styled with a Alice and the Pirates white chiffon Juliette Blouse and Alice and the pirates platform rocking horse shoes. While I defintely love the look and the flounce of the fluffy skirts, I feel I didnt do enough in the hair or accessory department. I do really like the buns and though they felt like they were big, look tiny in the picture. I think next time I need to so a little more reasearch into Japanese style hair accessories and styles and perhaps also darken up the make up.


July is usually the peak of winter in Australia, so our online community Challenge was Winter Wonderland. Though when I talk about winters here they are far milder than many places in the world. During the day it barely gets cold enough to break out the cute lolita coats, that are absolutely necessary in places like Japan and some part of Europe and the US.

To rug up i picked a fairly casual Emily Temple Cute Biscuit Print Sleeveless OP and went with red warm tones for the rest of the outfit. An offbrand red beret which also has a cute biscuit print on the back, Angelic Pretty Heart-Chan Coat with hood (that seems to forever stay unused in my wardrobe) Angelic Pretty Red Ribbon 3 way bag, Baby the Stars Shine Bright candy stripe tights and Angelic Pretty Navy Teaparties so that had something other than red. I topped it off with an Angelic Pretty Gingerbread ring and Biscuit ring.

I actually really love how warm, comfy and cozy this outfit was. I was also super happy that my hair has finally grown out long enough to rival my Rhapsody wigs! I really like how the striped tights match the ribbon the JSK, though if I was going to nitpick, I do wish the ribbon in the beret had a darker blue. The only other thing that bugged me (which is a little hard to see in the photo) was that the red in the jacket was a slightly different (more cherry) red than the beret and the bag. Other than that love it!


Septembers community event was a Coordinate your Lolita BFF which meant this time, I was not actually responsible for what i was wearing. Lil miss Tink, my lolita bestie dressed me up in an old school Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Pleated Sailor JSK in red and white with matching headbow. White bodyline blouse, BTSSB white wrist cuffs anklet socks and Angelic Pretty Teaparties. The skirt was huge and I defintely felt I could fit more petticoats underneath. It was a cute look, though had I coordinated it myself I would have perhaps tried to introduce another colour. It did feel a little bit odd on as I am usually one to go for many colour prints as opposed to solid walls of colour.






Halloween is usually one of our most popular events, so I was sad that I wasnt able to make it to an in person event this year. Instead we held a Spooky coodinate challenge online for October sharing any new and past outfits we have worn for Halloween. While I put together a collage of multiple photos, I did note that this was the third year running I have dressed as a witch, so heres to finding a new theme this year!

This Emily Temple Cute Halloween Party Camisole JSK was one I recently bought from another Australian lolita. I  was super happy about it too, as I had missed the initial release and it had sold out. I am a pretty big sucker for both Halloween and Christmas prints!

This time of year is pretty warm and I wanted to let the cute prints do the talking so it was simple light items to go with the outfit. A Taobao velvet witches hat with Erstwilder Pumpkin brooch, offbrand lace cutsew, black lace tights, TUK boots and Taobao Pumkin bag. I added my favourite Halloween accessories my Angelic Pretty Bat necklace, bangle and ring. I really love this look, it felt cute and grown up at the same time.


Christmas time felt like it was lacking a bit of Lolita spirit, so Belle and I put together some christmas coordinates to snap by the christmas tree.

I had recently got my new Kuma Kumya ears from my Baby the Stars Shine Bright order from back in May, that had been held by the shipping holds with the post. So to celebrate I did a Christmas Kuma Kumya Coordinate. The dress is Baby the Stars Shine Bright Kumya chan’s Christmas Holly Night Scallop JSK with matching socks. Metamorphose chiffon blouse and Queen Bee Mary Janes. I dressed up Kuma Kumya in a Duffy Disney Christmas outfit.

A very simple outfit, though I wished I had tried harder with the headwear. Baby the Stars Shine Bright bows are notoriously wide and floppy and I couldnt get the ears to sit how I wanted so I just went with the ears alone. Without a bow, my head looks like it is missing something!


Last coordinate for the year was on the second to last day of December for a Late Birthday catch up. Having lovely weather and a hankering for strawberries we head up to Beerenberg to pick some strawberries.

For strawberry picking, its a no brainer to go with my favourite strawberry dress, Angelic Pretty Berry Garden Tiered JSK with matching headbow. With the hotter weather I went with my trusty lightweight Metamorphose chiffon blouse and short anklet socks together with my Angelic Pretty strawberry bag and teaparties. For accessories I have my Red Heart sunglasses, Beerenberg felt brooch, Angelic Pretty Strawberry bangle and bracelet.

This is a favourite coordinate of mine, not because of the complexity, but simply how it feels on and how comfortable it is. Summers are really hot here so no matter how nice you want your coordinate to look, I always resort back so light and comfortable. The JSK also has an inbuilt petticoat with stiff tulle so has a nice flounce and great airflow. Cant beat the feeling of looking like a giant red strawberry in a juicy big strawberry patch!



With 2020 over, I hope that 2021 will be brighter for everyone. With vaccinations coming I hope that means more meets in person and travel back on the cards. My new years resolution is to break out some more unworn outfits in my wardrobe and get around to the closet clean out I have been meaning to do for months!

♥ Alyssium♥

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