May Tea Time

May is here, the weather is cooling and it’s the perfect time sit down and sip on some tea. Please share with us your favorite tea drinking photos and your favorite flavored teas. To spice it up for those looking for a challenge, there are three levels for our photo event.

Beginner – Drinking Tea in your Lolita outfit
Intermediate – Drinking Tea in your tea inspired Lolita outfit
Advanced – (Photoshop required) Drinking tea in your tea inspired outfit in a teacup!


Kim- This is my only chance to do this. May is a busy month. I am aware its the same dress I always wear but I love it and my other one is too hard to coord. So autumn inspired. I like lemon and ginger tea. It’s nice, simple and good for when you are catching the flu. I have little little leaf earrings which are hard to see. But I think it fits… Maybe next time I can wear my other dress. Only have time for one challenge so I did both in one.


Kiera – Enjoying my high tea💖💖


Chan – Lolita Images With Threatening Auras


Tropicana – In the evening I prefer to steer clear of caffeine and like to instead enjoy a warming herbal brew. Blends with licorice and peppermint are sweet and soothing on the belly 😌 or if I’m feeling particularly unsettled I love the Sleep Tight blend from T2 to relax and wind down 😴


Lynette – I enjoy a variety of teas. French Earl Grey from T2 in the afternoon, Peppermint after a nice meal and Chamomile in the evening with a little drop of honey. This time I was drinking another favourite of mine; Rose and French Vanilla.


Gracia – Was going to pose for new photos, but I may not have time.

Here is a small photo set I did last year during lockdown here in Victoria. Not exactly my favourite tea set (I have many) but still quite cute!


 Charlemagne – Didn’t really do anything for ths theme TBH but a dear friend had a high tea for a hens party a few weeks ago. It’s was amazing.


Neko Nat – I don’t really have a lot of cute tea cups that match my outfits. But I have enjoyed a lovely high tea with some friends in the past! so I hope this counts!
Looking forward to lots more fun outtings this year too!


Marzy – I…I’m not sorry.


Colin – Turns out I don’t actually have any tea cups, so I’ll just judge you with my meta mug


Heather – Tea time at home but make it old school 🖤


Tink – I look like a chubby marshmallow but teaaa 😃


Jemma – Alright, apparently I’m never drinking tea in photos so this is my only option….

My favourite kind of tea is Sinistea!

“A pokemon said to be created when a spirit possesses a cold, leftover cup of tea.”

Spooky purple pokemon prints for some ghost vibes inside the teacup~



Peppermint Tea at Love Stephy and my attempt to hang out in a teacup!


Dress: Angelic Pretty Antique Chocolaterie Switching JSK

Blouse: Offbrand ivory knit, lace collar cutsew

Socks: Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate OTKs

Shoes: Angelic Pretty Tea parties in chocolate

Bag: Angelic Pretty Violin Chocolat 3 Way Rucksack

Accessories : Angelic Pretty Melty Ribbon Chocolate Bracelet and Chocolate Piece Ring



♥ Alyssium♥

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