Adelaide Chinatown Harajuku no Yoko

HNY_1The first Harajuku no Yoko was on the 4th May. The local council created the event to be held roughly once a month to encourage cultural diversity and freedom of fashion, in particular showcasing Lolita and Cosplay. It was held in the chinatown with market stalls, food and a DJ.HNY_3 I first mentioned about the chinatown event in an earlier post. For the first event Channel 10 sent down Jane Rielly (in blue)to do a weather report and talk about the event.

I missed the news filming as I was setting up down the other end with some stalls. I was selling some artwork and cosplays next to Suze and Craig from Tokyo Hardcore.

Quite a few local lolitas dressed up and came out for the event. I got pictures of Kelly, Carrie, Cheryl and Tamara. The event was really popular and the lane ways were packed with people!

Kelly on the far left is in Angelic Pretty Milkychan OP, Carrie is wearing blue sugary carnival JSK with decoration dream pony bag. In the next pricture Cheryl is wearing a Baby the Stars Shine bright baby-doll JSK. I decided to wear Angelic Pretty Surgary Carnival (special set) for the evening as it was quite hot! Tamara braved the heat and wore Angelic Pretty Marionette Girl in pink which is a velvet OP!

It was a really successful evening with quite a few people coming out in both cosplay and lolita.


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