All dressed up

JGA_1_2Tamara and I had a lolita event to get to, but before we went we got some quick photos of us mucking around. Its summer at the moment so the weather is rather hot, it makes wearing full lolita a little uncomfortable at times. My favourites dresses to wear in summer are the full chiffon ones, easy to wear and wash and super squishy and comfy. One of my chiffon dresses is a Angelic Pretty OP print, Toy Drops. I first saw it released at the anniversary event in Tokyo but I took my time deciding if I wanted to get it or not. When I finally went to buy it, it had sold out!!! Luckily found it on the USA and on sale and my super sweet bf bought it for me.


One of Tamara’s favourite prints is Milky-Planet, she has nearly all the colourways and alot of the accessories. I love the shooting star bag.


Lolita hitchkiking, alleyways and break ins, lol. We were in silly moods.


♥ Alyssium♥


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