Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy shoot


Another photoshoot with the lovely Tamara ♥ twinning in Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy Triple frill JSK’s. I borrowed the dress for the afternoon and now I want to buy it! The stripes remind me of candy canes! I have a giant chupa-chup that I bought a month or so back for a prop.


Frilling about the city, this is just around the corner from my house.


I really enjoy living in the city. I have two restaurants within a couple hundred meters and the street is lined with trees and plants. ♥



Tamara looking adorable! She had to head of early so we grabbed some shots of her before she had to head off.


The sun was only just starting to go down so we had to quickly take a couple of shots before it got too dark.


A little further down the road is a park split up in four quadrants by main roads. On each corner is a word, “The Forest of Dreams”


♥ Alyssium♥

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