An Afternoon in the Botanic Gardens

Its now winter and Im a little bit stir crazy sitting at home.sThis outfit recently came in the mail and gave me a great reason to head out and get some nice pictures. I had ordered the set, blouse, JSK and various clips and bows a little while ago and had been eagerly awaiting their arrival. We had actually organised a photoshoot with a photographer, but due to the bad weather, our session got cancelled, however we decided to head out anyway.


Corrina, Tamara and I for a selfie at the Botanical Gardens back gate.


Close up  of some  of  my  accessories.



We wandered around the park, it was quite wet and drizzling a little bit. All three of us had packed alternative shoes for the potential rain, puddles and mud that we would come across. We did swap out for nicer shoes for photographs.

All of the plants and trees looked really healthy and green from the rain and often when we were looking around, away from the main paths it felt like we were in a middle of a forrest.













The spare shoes I brought were gumboots, so I had no troubles jumping through the puddles and down the waterways. Happy to note that even though I did go splashing around, no brand got wet and ran in the taking of these photos!

It did feel that we got the gardens to ourselves, not many other people were around with the wet and cold weather.














Corrina snapped my favourite picture of the day, at the fence of the botanic gardens.


Dress: Pumpkin Cat Royal Corgi

Blouse: Pumpkin Cat Royal Corgi

Headwear: Alice and the Pirates Marching Hat and Pumpkin Cat Royal Corgi bow

Socks: Offbrand black tights

Shoes: Innocent World boots

Accessories : Angelic Pretty gold rings


♥ Alyssium♥

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