Angelic Pretty 2013 Summer Catalogue


This catalogue seemed to be put out a little late this year, most of the items in it have now been released and since sold out. It may have been better to release it a little earlier so that people could save and plan for their next purchases.


Dream Sky

The second of the two re-releases, so far this year. The designs have remained the same, but AP introduced a new colourway, blue. They also  altered the colours on the print for the lavender and navy to be more mint then pink and yellow. Additions to the series included a scrunchie, ribbon barette, tights, a Melty Moon bag and new jewellery.

This has always been a super popular print so AP couldn’t go wrong with re-releasing it. I already have the OP in lavender so chose to sit this release out. I did however pick up a star bracelet and earrings. After the release alot of pictures went up and I did some hat regret not trying to get the lavender or Navy OP. I might perhaps have to add that to my wishlist.

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French Doll

This print was featured at the front of KERA July issue but had no preview page listed on any of the AP websites. As such it popped up on the website without too much hype. The accessories were very popular as they coordinated with many of APs previous collections. The rest of the series sold fairly quickly.

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Drink Me

Another series that was featured in KERA but had no preview pictures or page listed on the AP website. Although fairly plain, the fact that it was Alice themed and that chiffon was used in the design (very on trend at the moment) meant that it had no problem selling. There were quite a few comments about how the detailing was positioned on the torso and how the jewellery was *ahem, shaped. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Have a quick look at the stock picture and you will soon realise what I’m referring to!

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Summer Collection

A series of gingham print and accessories that are just going up on the Japanese and English websites. Gingham is traditionally not all that popular outside of Japan unless you are looking to put together a country lolita coordinate. This likely explains how some colourways have sold out on the Japanese Website, yet on the International website they are all still in stock. I was quite interested to see the two new shoe styles at the bottom of the right page. The pop girl thick soled sneakers went up some weeks ago and were very popular so have sold out in all colours with the exception of black. The other pair look quite pretty and as of yet have not been released. I will be eager to see some more pictures of these.

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Dreamy Baby Room

There was a collective outcry worldwide when previews of this print were released. As a whole the lolita community has a hard time promoting the fact that lolita is a fashion as opposed to being related to the book “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov. Many people still view it as costume or age play, so when a print was released that heavily featured baby accessories and styles it was seen by many as a step back for the way that the lolita community was seen as a whole. This series is still in stock on the International and US websites.

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Drained Cherries

I do wonder what inspired the name of this series, perhaps its one of those lost in translations? In any case I quite like the print from these series, but was not blown away by the styles. Both the OP and high waisted JSK have the potential to be quite sack-like which is unflattering to most body shapes. I do like the halter style, the print and the style reminds me very much of pin up, especially in he Ivory or Black colourways.

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Milky Planet

The other print re-release for this year. Pieces from the original series have always been popular so there were quite a few people concerned when the re-released was announced. Thankfully the styles were all redesigned and they also introduced a Navy colourway. I think as a whole, most lolitas still prefer the old designs. I was quite happy to pick up some socks, a lavender headbow (which was not released first time around because the lavender colourway was a special set) and some accessories.

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