Australian Lolitas, Hearts Photoshoot

The sequel to the popular Easter Card exchange! There are still couple of things that need to be sorted out with the card exchanges to make it fair to everyone. In the meantime we have a photo event to share. To participate you need access to a camera, a lolita outfit and the internet. Each partner will take one half of the heart photograph for them to be put together. Distance is not an issue and we don’t have to rely on Australia post to get these up on time!

PLEASE READ THOUGH THE RULES, by setting your status to going you are excepting the following.

1. Deadline to join the event is midnight on the 12th of April, I will need everyones EMAIL address.
2. Once the deadline has closed a draw will take place to determine your partner and you will get a pm.
3. Once partners have been given I encourage you all to talk to each other. You will need to decide who is on the right/left and if you might want to twin outfits, coordinate colours etc.
4. Once the photos have been taken you can choose to put them together yourself or I can assist. The 4th May is when ALL pictures must be posted to share on the event page.


And these are the results ♥


Lovely colour contasting between sweet and gothic. Alycia and Rachael heart cakes and balloons. Amarylise and Manon rock their sweet rose, hearts and stars background.


These heart partners share a love of lolita brands. Alice and the Pirates Midsummers night Dream for Nadia and Time of the Roses for Amy. Angela and Mai are too cute in a AP and ETC print JSKs that both share a ribbon theme and matching bunny ears.


All rocking black AP prints, Toy Fantasy, Toy Parade and Decoration Dream. Aurelia and Kiyu on the left and Melanie and Beverley on the right.


Candice and Xan have their shoot all worked out, matching bookcase backgrounds and books. Goldie and Nicole look like they almost could have been in the same picture and look sweet as pie in their bonnets.


Bring on all the partner twinning! Carrie and Sarah on the left, Belinda and Teagan on the right. All super sweet in Angelic Pretty Milky-Chan!


Twinning being a popular theme, it worked out well when partners were able to match up outfits. Samantha and Georgie on the left with matching Angelic Pretty Wondercookie JSK’s and pink cardigans. Melanie and I on the right in contrasting Vampire Requiem JSKs.

Marie - georgina

Stacey and I take the opportunity to have a quick virtual game of Chocolate Chess from Angelic Pretty. While Marie and Georgina look close enough in their Mary Magdelene and Victorian Maiden OPs.


Daring to be different, Elyse and Suzanne channel their inner Ginyu Force. Elliot and Rachel do the Shiro/Kuro fusion stance.


Sarah and Heather contrast in gothic and sweet lolita Coordinates. Heather and Mauli go for a Choco berry combination.


All dressed up in black sweet prints, sometimes known as bitter sweet are Siobhan in Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival and Jaana in Melody Doll. On the right are Holly wearing Alice and the Pirates End of Immortal Eden and Liza in a Atelier Pierrot bustle JSK.


Sharing a love of tea are Ji Eun and Tegan. Ji Eun wearing Haenuli’s Stained glass of Saint Giles JSk and Tegan in Angelic Pretty Milky-chan. Having tea over gossip on the right are Bella and Sam.


Looking absolutely adorable and sharing waves and hearts are Lucie and Brooke. On the right, in the all-new Choco-Strawberry Carnival are Kairri and Skye.


Rocking the look on the left is Charelle and Martin. Kylie in Classic and Kara in casual wearing a Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette Salopette.


Sharing a green colour-way theme, Sally on the left in a Mucha print JSK and Kayte on the right in Angelic Pretty Little Bears cafe. The lovely L’s, Lauren in a Fan plus friend JSK and Lindzi in Angelic Pretty Honey Cake JSK.


Looking very pastel and sweet are Leii in a Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival Salopette and Marzy wearing Wondercookie. On the other hand doing dark and sweet are Natasha in a Baby the Stars Shine Bright, The Worlds most ADorable Dog and the Worlds most Delicious Frappe Print JSK (otherwise known as pup in a cup) and Emily wearing Angelic Pretty Royal Card print.


We got a surprise appearance from, none other then MC Melody Doll who graced us with her presence. She shared her picture with Tahlia who is in a Chess Story JSK. Kathleen looks lovely in her Innocent World JSK and next to her Monique in a Angelic Pretty Wonder Party JSK.


Both looking lovely in Metamorphose, Nickie in a light coordinate and Jayne in a dark. Similar with Annette in a sweet print, Angelic Pretty’s Cats Tea Party and Melissa in Putumayo Cat in the window.


Sophie Alice and Kendelle in a shiro and gothic lolita partner pic. In matching pastel mint wigs and a pony theme, Sharon looks sweet in Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival and  Beck super cute in a Baby the Stars Shine bright Pony in sweet dream JSK.


One of my favourite match ups for the event, because of the amazing coordiates are Sorelle and Kate who used a circus theme. Sorelle looks amazing in a  Juliette et Justine OP, while Kate goes for all black and white and harlequin. Adelle and Sussan both look very sweet in their heart pic.


Working outside of the box and going for hearts that are a bit different. Regine and Cming strike a heart pose. Emily and Tamara put their heads together and have a a very unique heart picture.


Nickie and Katie strike a very adorable heart pose in Angelic Pretty Candy treat and Innocent World Rose Puppy JSK. Tara and Anna go for opposites in Surface Spell Cathedral JSK ad Angelic Pretty Candy Funfair.



And last, but not least are Alesha and Laura. Alesha is wearing Alice and the Pirates Melty Mermaid Skirt and Laura in a Metamorphose window print red skirt.  ♥


I love all the amazing coordinates, matches and photos, we have such a colourful Australian Lolita Community!

♥Alyssium ♥






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