Autumn Inspiration

Autumn is a season that is often overlooked as it heralds the transition from summer to winter. The weather cools, and the green leaves of many trees change to hues of yellow orange and red before drifting to the ground. Autumn memories for me are playing in the leaves and getting out your warmer clothes from storage. The hint of smoky fires and shorter days turning into nights. What does Autumn mean for you? Share with us a coordinate that inspires Autumn for you (some ideas could be earthy colours or natural prints like mushrooms) or of you wearing Lolita outside and taking in autumn weather.


Corrina – Cosy chocolate coord from a walk in the park after a cafe meet

The cooler weather in autumn is perfect for lolita!


Neko Nat – Autumm has to be one of my favourite seasons.. earthy tones, the leaves turn gold and amber, there’s the right amount of warmth in the day… and the smells of wood fires, hot chocolate and cinamon baked goods!


Lynette – I love how nature brings out the warm earthy tones and I love to emulate that in lolita fashion. It’s a wonderful time go go frollick in the crunchy leaves and sip hot cocoa next to an open fire.


Jemma – Outside in a garden on a chilly, breezy Autumn afternoon a few weeks ago! I feel like the colour scheme of an icy morning mixed with the pink of wind chapped lips and the white of whipped cream, hahah!
But the background is all evergreens, so no pesky leaves blowing around here~


Nancy – Autumn leaves and some friendly lolitas in the background (That would be Tink and I photobombing!)


Dress: Angelic Pretty Antique Chocolaterie Switching JSK

Blouse: Offbrand ivory knit, lace collar cutsew

Socks: Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate OTKs

Shoes: Angelic Pretty Tea parties in chocolate

Bag: Angelic Pretty Violin Chocolat 3 Way Rucksack

Accessories : Angelic Pretty Melty Ribbon Chocolate Bracelet and Chocolate Piece Ring





♥ Alyssium♥

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