Christmas Picnic

DP_1The last month or two has been quite busy, both busy in the weeks leading up to christmas as well as after! This picnic was quickly put together when we realised that we hadnt really got together for any christmas lolita meets.DP_2 We popped it on a weeknight after work as everyone was too busy to have it on a weekend, being daylight savings, the evenings are staying light for considerably longer! The picnic was held in Victoria Square which is in the center of Adelaide. The council puts up a huge christmas tree with lights and decorates all the surrounding trees. As it was very late in the afternoon the weather was lovely, it had been a fairly warm day but the sun had moved, we were in shade and there was a lovely breeze drifting though. It was quite hard to believe that we were in the middle of the CBD! We pulled up some rugs on the grass and feasted on snacks while the rest of Adelaide buzzed around us.


Sarah, Me, Bridget and Tamara


I love summer, its Cherry season and I ♥ cherries! When I was younger I made cherry earrings all the time, I seem to recall eatting so many I got sick a couple of times! Me, Amy and Tamara sitting in front of the Victoria Square fountain.

DP_8Whenever we take group photos we often take some nice ones and then muck around and make silly faces. I think Tamara and I are about to take a bite out of a huge lollipop I brought along to the picnic. We got some coordinate shots afterwards. First on the left is Emma who is wearing her very recently acquired Toy March salopette from Angelic Pretty. I think her gold teaparties look really cute with this outfit! Amy is in Metamorphose Twinkle journey JSK which she matched up with some cute pink accessories and a red santa hat. Nickie is looking lovely in a mostly Ivory cordinate with her JSK being from Metamorphose. Sharni looks very cute in a classical high waisted skirt by Innocent World. Amarylise with her pretty lavender locks is in a Taobao OP.DP_5

 Angelic Pretty Toy March was a very popular print so Bethany was lucky to also get a JSK i n Ivory. I really love the wig that she is wearing it suits her skin tone really well! Bridget is wearing one of my favourite Angelic Pretty prints, Twinkle carnival with a cute red cardigan and lips. Candice was in Adelaide for the picnic and brought along her pink BTSSB JSK, AP Donut bag and reindeer antlers to get into the christmas spirit. Jaana also wearing the reindeer ears is in a cute rose melody JSK with cute anklet socks that pop out from over her shoes. Sarah matched up her pink fluffy earmuffs with her BTSSB Snow Queen skirt.



Me in Inspired by the christmas picnic I wore Holy Night Story OP by Angelic Pretty. Marie wore a lovely black OP and her Viviene Wstwood tote bag. Tamara was very cute in her sailor style JSK and matching mini cape.Sarah looked lovely and comfortable in a ovory chiffon blouse a BTSSB skirt, Galactic Journey to the Stars.

♥ Alyssium♥




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