Coloured Coordinate Challenge

Red and yellow and pink and green
Purple and orange and blue
I can coord a rainbow, coord a rainbow, coord a rainbow too….

This month is a colour challenge. Pick a colour and run with it. If you pick red, how many red items can you get in your coordinate? Our aim is to get as much of the one colour in the one coordinate!
For those of you who are up for the challenge, try and pick an uncommon colour, orange, green and purple!
Maybe towards the end of the event we can get a full rainbow of coordinates.
To participate post a picture of a coordinate, worn, on a mannequin or flatlay.


Corrina –  For years I’d wanted to do an all lavender coord when the jacarandas have been in bloom and finally got to last year (right before SA went into a second lockdown!)
Everything is Taobao (jsk is dream magical “cube sugar”)

I love this level of commitment, from the shoes to the wig on the head, everthing is such a well coordinated lavender!


Lyn – I chose lilac for my colour co-ordinate challenge. It’s a colour that I’ve recently fallen in love with. I didn’t think such a light shade would suit me, but I really love it.
The JSK is Dreamland Flower Sea of Bunny. The blouse is a brand called Sunny. The crown and shoes are Taobao and everything else is off-brand.


Faye – in red
Innocent World – JSK
Sweet Dreamer – headbow
Secret Shop – socks
Bodyline – shoes, wig
Surface Spell – cape
Offbrand – blouse, accessories, bag


Neko – Pinks
One of my favorite colours! I haven’t done a full pink coord in a while but am looking forward to doing more in the near future.

Pink is one of those colours that no matter the shade, everything goes so well together!


Tropicana – Black! Might not be in a traditional rainbow, but it’s still an important colour 🖤
Angelic Pretty Lovely Heart Tulle JSK


Tropicana –  Lavender! 💜
Angelic Pretty Constellation Aurora Dreams ✨


Lil Miss Tink – Ok, so these are mine. I dont have any full one colour coords except the black bat halloween one from a halloween meet a whiles back. But, red, white/babypink, black and then pink 🙂


Faye – Pink
BTSSB- JSK, headbow, tights
Bodyline- shoes, wig
Fanplusfriend – cutsew
FunCcino- overskirt, underskirt
Offbrand – bag, cape, accessories
It doesn’t look terribly obvious but the twin tail wig is technically part of the pink monochrome because it’s in the pink brown colourway


Kim – I picked red. Still new at this. But I think it turned out pretty awesome.

Dress: ZhiJinYuan starry night.


Faye – Lavender
Angelic Pretty- Vioretta OP, bonnet, choker
Baby the Stars Shine Bright- socks
Antaina – shoes
Wego/ WC Esther Kim – bunny bag


Faye – Lavender again but with more dimension.
Axes Femme – Tea Time Bunny JSK
Baby the Stars Shine Bright- blouse, socks
Angelic Pretty – bonnet
Antaina – shoes
Dreamholic – wig
Wego / WC Esther Kim – bunny bag


Nana – Casual coordinate photo from my insta but I do love a good lavender outfit!


Faye – Blue
One thing I’m not happy about is that I can’t find the right sax blue blouse to match this dress well, so sadly I opted for an ivory.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright- JSK, headbow, tights, blouse
Dreamholic – wig
Yesstyle – shoes (modified)


Nancy – Black is an old favourite 🖤


I decided to go with red, though it wasnt until I started putting the outfit together that I realised how many shades of reds there were!

Dress: Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern

Headwear: Offbrand red velvet headbow

Blouse: Alice and the Pirates red chiffon blouse

Socks: Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern OTKs

Shoes: Baby the Star Shine Bright Ribbon heels

Bag: Innocent World Book bag



♥ Alyssium♥




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