Easter Picnic 2012

EP_1-1Happy Easter everyone! Alot of the local girls had gone home for the easter break, but Tamara rounded up what girls were still around including Adelle who was down from brisbane for a easter picnic! It has been a pretty grey EP_6-1weekend so we were really lucky that it didnt rain and the sun seemed to peep in an out from behind the clouds every so ofen to make it a rather pleasant afternoon. It was one of those really nice days which is not to hot, but not to cold either, perfect lolita wearing weather.

We had some sweets and lazed about gossiping for in the sun for a good portion of the afternoon before getting up and having some photos done.

EP_8-1Kat was wearing Angelic Pretty Bloom OP in mint for the day. Bridget was in Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macaroon JSK in lemon with a cute little yellow macaron necklace. Amy wore Baby the Stars Shine Bright Creamy Soda Pop Print JSK and I was wearing Angelic Pretty Marionette Clock that I had recently bought from Candice.

EP_7-1Adelle was in Anglic Prettys Little Bears Cafe JSK,  Cheryl wore a Innocent World JSK, Teagan was wearing a lovely suede/velvet Infanta JSK and Tamara was in one of her favourite dresses, Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy triple tiered JSK.


We attempted some loli jumps… after last times effort we did them all in different photos. Getting that many people to jump all at once is really difficult!


I played easter bunny! I had a basket with me that was carrying food for the picnic and some cadbury easter eggs, after we left the gardens and walked though the mall I hadgrass some kids ask me for some chocolate! They must have thought I was giving them out for easter!!!

After the picnic we headed to Morning Glory for some purakura. We had a bit of a browse around and looked next door at Shishi. Tamara, Amy and Adelle all picked up some cute hello kitty glasses, they each found a colour that matched the coordinate that they were wearing.

So what do you get if you squish 9 lolis into a photobooth? LOL Really squishy pictures!


We split up into smaller groups afterwards.


Hope you all had a fantastic Easter! From the Lolibunny!




Outfit rundown:

Split curly wig by GLW

Metamorphose chiffon ivory blouse

Angelic Pretty Marionette Clock JSK, headbow and bag.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright wrist cuffs and socks

Angelic Pretty double bow heels.

♥ Alyssium♥



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