Moripop High Tea 2012

MoripopteapartyToday was a busy day! I started to get ready at 11am and had lolitas piling into my house to get ready for the tea party that afternoon. There was petticoats and wigs flying all over the place. Considering how long it usually takes to lolify up I was quite impressed that we made it out in a timely manner. Some of the girls split off early to start setting up while Tamara, Marian and I head out to the Balloon convention that was being held in the Adelaide convention center!
MP_1My friend Matt (who you may recall from early Japan posts) was over for the week for the convention and had encouraged us to come and check out the sculptures. As it was the 100th Anniversary (to the day) of the MP_2Titanic sinking, the convention and dinner party were themed around

 that. There were some really interesting scuplture including a period car, a ferris wheel, the titanic, balloon gardens, scultpures and more. My favourite was the carousel, matt made the ponies that are displayed on the inside. It was built on to a base so that it could actually go round!

Once we had looked around and played in the balloon exibits enough we head on over to SWISH where the High Tea was being held.

When we head into the hotel the concierge ushered us up the elevator and into the bar. The staff had very nicely grouped us down the end where we wouldnt make too much of a rukus! Kairii and Angela got the party off to a start with a couple of games. We filled out some forms to do a quiz and also had a raffle at the end!Marian got a runner up prize XD.


We each got a glass of champagne to start the event off, though there was a couple of girls that were underage and others that didnt want theirs so Maraian and I did the responsible thing and make sure that it didnt go to waste….. as you can see as the event went on, the empty glasses started to pile up! We were both ticking along quite nicely and somehow got wrapped up in some excapades. Marian undertook quite a mischevious plan to nab a papadum from the kitchen (success) and I followed up by stuffing an enitre tart in my mouth. It wasn’t particularly lady-like but the girls though it was pretty funny.

MP_10When we had finished afternoon tea we head over to parliament house for some photos. Im not sure exactly what I was thinking in these shots but it was probably along the lines of, try to look nice… no? Ok think cute, hmmm not working… ok loli detective!


Lauren in Metamorphose, Kelly in BTSSB, Thali wearing Innocent World Grazia Crown, Freya in Angelic Pretty and Cheryl in mary Magdelene.


Anna who won the raffle! Emma in Metamorphose Citron Soda, Jonno, Molly in Angelic Pretty Whipped Magic and also Rachel in Angelic pretty Jewellery Jelly.


Lindzi in Angelic Pretty Jewellery jelly who seems to be trying to deliver her letter bag to parliament house, Marian being awesome in Angelic Pretty Country of sweets, Bea in AP Decoration Dream, Angela in AP Chocolate Chess and Leticia in Bodyline.


Marian and I quite pleased with our selves after our afternoon of adventures. We got kicked off the steps (they did ask very nicely though) by a wedding party who we got in the background in some of our shots!

A fantastic afternoon, a really well planned event by all the girls who organised it!! I think its one of the biggest meets I have been to and we got a pretty awesome group picture at the end.

♥ Alyssium♥

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