EGL “Classy Costumes!”

MG_1_zps66615114August theme for EGL contest is “Classy Costumes!”

To enter this contest, you must create your own authentic lolita coordinate based around a costume theme. You may use offbrand, hand-made, or brand items. Each member of the community may enter a single photo of the entire coordinate and a written description of the costume theme they are portraying (cat, witch, pikachu, etc). Groups may also enter.

When I first saw this theme I had to think pretty hard. In lolita we spend a fair amount of time informing people that lolitas is not a costume so then to think of it as a costume caused my brain to have a meltdown!
At the same time we were talking about wishlist dresses in our local group, I was luckily one of the girls who could say I got my number one item, Angelic Pretty Marionette Girl which ended up inspiring me for this shoot. When I think of Marionette the first thing that comes to mind is a puppet or doll, so we ran with this theme for the day.
The photos were taken in our living room and I hung some blankets and curtains from the bookcase to get it looking like a stage.

MG_2Tamara and I twins Marionette Girl, she joined me for some of the pictures. Her dress is in the pink colourway she really pops out of the picture!

MG_4I put up one of my comforters on the bookcase for the background and draped some curtains and fabric to make it look sort of like a stage. We were using the string curtains as puppet strings though it did make it difficult to see so we played around with different backgrounds.


I really felt like a doll for the afternoon!




My outfit consisted of:
Angelic Pretty Queen Playing Cards Bonnet
Angelic pretty Marionette Girl Headbow and Onepiece
Angelic Pretty Marionette Harlequin socks
Angelic Pretty bow heels
Unknown wristcuffs
GLW split wig
Make up by Tamara


EGL Results!


♥ Alyssium ♥

  1. Layla Arcusa says:

    I really want to find that dress, how did you find that dress? I’ve looked everywhere it feels like I’m never going to find it, do you know any websites that sell it? Wear did you find yours?

    • Christine says:

      Hi Layla, this dress was on my wishlist for a very long time as well! I owned the sax OP and the black JSK before i finally landed the black OP. I eventually found it on mbok and got into a bidding war over it, I did win it in the end, but it went for much more than I had originally planned on spending.

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