First package from my Japanese SS

I got 2 packages in the post today and both I was eagerly awaiting! The package on the left, is the one packed full of items from my Japanese shopping service, Hitsu. The fantastic point in particular about Hitsu’s service is that she provides live shopping events. She lets everyone know in advance when and where she is going shopping and then tells us what is in store and what the prices are, while she is there. If you send the payment straight away, she buys it on the spot. Its the next best thing to actually being in a store yourself and its very hard to stop yourself from buying everything when you are shopping like this! The great thing is that you never know what she might find in the store!


The first thing in the package was the Black halter Wondercookie that I spotted on the Harajuku blog, in a panic I emailed Hitsu and she went down to the store to make sure that it was in stock. Popular items go so quickly that often blog items are gone before you make it to the actual store. The headbow had already sold but luckily the dress was still there and Hitsu also hunted and found the matching socks and wristcuffs!
On her next visit she spotted a black Masquerade Theatre skirt, but I was out and didnt get the updates so when she went back to get it for me, it had already sold out. On that same trip though I picked up the Miracle Candy JSK for a really good price with matching headbow, socks, bangle and ring, wooo almost the full set in one go! On later visits she picked up the Wonder cookie bag, Bon Bon bag and BTSSB Heart bag. I was so happy to finally find the red BTSSB heart bag, I have been hunting this specific bag down for quite some time now to go with my red riding hood OP! On the last trip she found me the Masquerade Theatre in navy with Headbow and also the adorable Alice and the Pirates Treasure Chest bag.  Finally to top it off were some socks and a wondercookie ring that Hitsu picked up from a Angelic Pretty store when she got me the Angelic Pretty Anniversary Event tickets YAY! I really cant believe that Hitsu fit it all in that box, she joked with me that she performed Lolita tetris when she was packing it but I didnt believe how good it was, till I unpacked the box!SS-12
In the second package was the Masquerade Theatre OP and Bonnet, I was also really excited to get this and it was just as gorgeous as I thought it would be, but sadly when I got it out to try it on, it didnt fit WAHHH!!! I was so sure this one would too! After the last Alice and the Pirates OP didnt fit, I had almost sworn off buying OPs, but this one was supposed to fit up to a 100cm bust… unfortunatly no where did it say you also needed to have toothpick arms to get it on! Oh well at least i got the skirt that fits! Love everything else i got though, much love out to Hitsu for helping me get all this ♥♥♥♥

♥ Alyssium ♥♥

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