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Hi everyone, I’m going to be in Japan for a month from the 4-27th December. While I’m there I’m going to madly checking out all the Lolita stores and closet child to hunt out all my wish list items! I thought while I was over there I might help out my fellow Lolita’s with their wish lists while I am at it. As there is 6 weeks before I am heading over, I thought I would let everyone know early. For many items that are no longer in shops the best place to go looking for them are second-hand stores like Closet child. There are several Lolita based closet Childs in Tokyo and I will be checking out most of them. Items get stocked as they come in (kind of like cash converters) It is quite common for a popular print to be sold out as soon as it’s hung, or within the same day. So there is no guarantee that if I see something, email you and once you reply and go back, that it will be still there. If you would like for me to search for something for you, what I will need from you is the following.


List of items: Include colourways size is necessary and also budget.
If there is a large range of items please put a priority list (in the lucky chance that I locate multiple items!)


Example: I am looking for Marionette Girl OP. I will accept both black and blue colourways. I will be willing to pay up to 40,000Yen for it.  If I see it for 40,000Yen or less I will buy it for you. If it is more, I will always email and check before I make a purchase.


Examples of stock and pricing recently at closet child
Angelic Pretty Merry Making Headbow (black) 2200 Yen, JSK (black) 10800 Yen, JSK (yellow) 11800 Yen
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Marie Antoinette JSK (blue x white) 14800 Yen, headbow (blue x white) 2800 Yen
Baby the Stars Shine Bright heart buckle shoes (white, black or pink) 6800 Yen
Angelic Pretty Melty chocolate bag (pink) 7800 Yen
Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly skirt (red) 9800 Yen
Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival JSK (lavender) 32800
Angelic Pretty Wonderstory JSK (sax)  22800 Yen
Angelic Pretty DreamSky OP (black) 25800 Yen


As this is a holiday for me and the money that I have will be used for my own Lolita spending, please note that I will need the balance in full before I purchase anything. If you transfer the money to me before I leave (via bank direct deposit or transfer) I will exchange that with my own money before I leave. If you transfer funds while I am in Japan, it will be subject to my banks currency conversion rates and commission fees. I would prefer not to use paypal as it will have paypal fees plus take 3 days to transfer into my bank and then also be subject to fees.

All items will be shipped while I am in Japan and I will require that you pay the balance before I will  send out the item. Please note that as I am not charging commissions and that I am offering to do this in all my own time. Any fees that are incurred via my bank for currency conversion or shipping (may include a box or satchel fee) I will need to include as it will be unfair for me to become out of my pocket while I am doing this for you at no cost.

You are welcome to request a refund of deposits, however the only access I will have to my bank account will be internet transfer. Any money that is not spent on items will be refunded in full when I get back.

While I am in Japan I will let everyone know ahead of time which shops I will be going to so that you have time to plan or be near a computer in case I send emails.

If you have any questions please ask!
♥ Alyssium♥

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