Having a post box in the US

NP_1Well technically not an actual post box, but an awesome BF Nicole that keeps a box for me to ship stuff to!!!
I met Nicole when I started collecting BJDs a couple of years ago, I bought something from her on a sales thread and we talking. We bought/sold stuff together pretty frequently so we had a pretty steady conversation online. I got to visit her in LA about a year and a half ago and we went to Volks together *SQUEE* and really want to go back again soon.

Nicole would often let me ship doll items to her when shipping was really expensive so that I could then ship a couple of things overseas at once to make things cheaper and this moved into lolita stuff when a seller wanted to charge me like $50 to ship a petticoatNP_1a overseas!!! Anyhow I got a little lazy and things stocked up at her house, so I finally got around to having it shipped to me and this is about 8-9 months worth of stuff that has been sitting with her.

Nicole bought these really cute BTSSB honey cross shoes from Baby on reservation and I ended up trading her some BJD stuff for them! Both the bag and petticoat were quite expensive to ship overseas from the sellers, but in comparison only a couple of dollars to ship within the US. I had the same problem with the petticoat that was going to work out very expensive to have shipped to Australia.


These three dresses were bought from Baby the stars shine Bright San Francisco, who unfortunately dont ship overseas! I would have bought them from the international website however they had already sold out there and the staff are very difficult to deal with on the international site. Read about BTSSB black listing lolitas for more information. BTSSB SF were really nice and sweet to deal with and had no problems doing stock checks for me. They were also happy to ship to Nicole when I wanted to buy things. 


I got the package when I was still in bed, but couldnt resist trying to try them on (though still a little awkward to get on at the moment) NP_4Of the three dresses, my favourite is the Alice and the Pirates Birdcage JSK. The bodice has built in boning and the straps have buttons at the front and back so they can be removed and the dress worn strapless. I put the petticoat i got on underneath (its really full and fluffy) Its lavender so I bought it to go with my dreamsky OP. Really happy with how its fits and looks, cant wait to put together a coordinate.


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