Japan day 6

Today I was really excited and eager to get out early! Before we left I had already prebooked for the entire group to do a “Maiko Makeover”, or Samurai for the guys. Chris and I day6-1-1had been here on our previous trip so we had a fair idea where we were going. We decided to walk from where we were staying and I was a little concerned about how grey the sky looked as we left the house.  It ended up being a pretty decent distance and we are started to get pumped as we walked through some fairly large wooden gates that seemed to signal that we had hit Gion! We had left plenty of time to get there so we had a leisurely walk to the studio and stopped many times on the way to take photos, check things out and to buy lots of souvenirs. Gion is quite an old section of Kyoto and retains many of the old wooden historic architecture and charm. I can imagine many of these stores have remained unchanged selling crafts and wares like this for many decades!


The before and then after shot!!! Can you recognise us all!! The makeover included the makeup, half wig and hair style, Kimono and Kanzashi as well as some professional photographs.

day6-3-1After the photos are taken we were able to go wander around in Kyoto all dressed up to take our own photos. In this post Im going to include the pictures that we took, in my next post I will go into more detail about the experience and the professional photos that were taken.


The boys hamming it up for some photos! They all make quite handsome Samurais!


The girls were much more serious about getting some nice shots, which sometimes got in the way of the boys mucking around LOL! The great thing about having the pictures outside near the studio is that the backdrop is so authentic!

day6-6-1Our lovely japanese photographer gives up some instructions while taking some photos. In between shots Georgia and Matt getting into character!


I promise that in the professional pictures we were much more serious in! Once they were done we were just having fun messing around in Kimonos!


We got a very nice passerby to take a group shot for us! Stuart looks quite pimping with Mimi and I.


There was another group of girls that had just finished their shots as we were heading back in.


Im sure maiko’s and geisha’s buy from vending machines too right? I was quite surprised by the amount of people who wanted to get photos with us, we were asked quite a few times by different groups to pose with. The last shot is out the front of the studio with their business sign.


Once we had finished we head back to the studio to scrub up and get back into our normal clothes. We hung around for the rest of the afternoon shopping in local stores and eating from stalls on the side of the road. We had some really yummy curry puff buns!
I bought a couple of christmas presents and a paper umbrella to take home. On the way home Chris spotted a little antique store and he went in and bought a bowl for his mum. Today was definantly one of the highlights of the trip!


And just because we were not all photo’d out earlier, more purakura!


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