Japan Day 7

Main_smMay we present Closet-Child Yokohama…. This store takes quite a lot longer to get to, but always worth the visit. As it is out of the way, you generally get better finds here and I have always found it to be well stocked.Library_sm

Today’s destination was Yokohama. There was only three of us travelling today as Leticia was feeling unwell. Sharon and I decided to loli it up for the day, so we were a little later leaving then usual. Sharon had her Innocent World Library print with her and since I picked up the Juliette et Justine Bibliotheque on the first day, we twinned in library prints.

On our way to the train station we went into Donki (which pretty much became a daily occurrence) and we stopped to grab some things to eat. Sharon got some Takoyaki and i grabbed a delicious crepe! We sat down out the front and finished it off before leaving. Some Japanese etiquette that I had read while researching about Japan, is that you should sit down and eat. I guess its out of respect for the food and not to inconvenience people or drop food while walking. We did out best to try and respect Japanese etiquette while we were over there, at least the ones that we knew about!

Pura strip

We had been blessed with another day of beautiful weather, something that you definitely appreciate while travelling! Japan is definitely good to visit in November. Our entire trip we either caught trains or walked and it was great weather for that.

AkihabaraAt the train platform we grabbed a couple of snacks for the train ride. We had a bit of a giggle when we found Aussie BBQ jerky! Our snacks of choice, Snickers for Sarah, Meji strawberry chocolate for Sharon and grape Hi-chew for me. Its quite hard finding grape flavoured sweets in Australia, but they are everywhere in Japan so I was in snack heaven!

snacksWe were doing quite alot of travelling, so to pass the time I had brought along my Nintendo 3DS. I was playing Pokemon X but I was also really keen to get street passes while in Japan. Two years ago for my last visit I hit 1000 street passes while at the Imperial Palace for the Emperors birthday! This visit I hit 2000 hits! For those of you who dont have a DS, with the introduction of the 3DS Nintendo added Miis to the console, similar to how they had Miis on the Wii. The added benefit with the 3DS was that when you carry it around and you pass another 3DS user, you swap Miis! With the Miis there are a range of super cute mini games that you can play. The great thing about being in Japan, is that there are so many more 3DS users here so you get alot more hits.

street pass_sm

After getting off the train at Yokohama we head over to Vivre which is a shopping center similar to La Foret or Shibuya 109. Some brands they have are Algonquins, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Milk, Swimmer and Liz Lisa. I was quite excited to find that Liz Liza had Lucky packs, Sarah and I both picked one up each.yoko

Afterwards we head out to Yokohama and I was relieved that it hadn’t moved since my last visit. On my last trip I spent about an hour of walking around in circles looking for it. This one is a little harder to find as the signage is quite small. Its located on the 7th floor  of a building so its very easy to walk past missing the sign. The first picture of this post is Sharon and I pointing out the only signage available out the front of the CCyoko_smbuilding.

What I was really happy about was that they had expanded the store since my last visit. That and the range was still fantastic. They were having a sale so there were so many brand dresses that were under 10,000 yen. I had been quite bad with my budget for the first part of our trip, so I tried my best to stay within budget today. ( It was sooooo hard, I had to put about half the stuff that I had picked up back!!) The find of the day was a NWT Innocent World chocolate print headbow in the same colour as the dress that I had. This was closely followed by the Milk heart bag in gold. They were both things that I had been hunting for, so i was really happy to find them. I picked up two really well priced ETC cutsews


and a couple of  other accessories.

While heading back towards the station we came across a really cute store called Coconut World that had some cute fashion in it, that was also priced really well. Sarah picked up a onesie that was made out of really soft fuzzy fabric, Sharon got a striped dress and I bought two skirts.

We grabbed dinner in a noodlebar and then head home after another very successful shopping trip!


♥ Alyssium♥


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