Japan Day 8

dokidokiAnd the day that we had all been eagerly waiting for, a day in Harajuku! I organised for our day to be mid-week in an attempt to be there while it wasn’t too busy. On the weekend the street and stores are packed full, so navigating small aisles in stores is normally pretty difficult.  Add to that lolitas’ in petticoats and it makes it even more interesting!Harajuku_WM You can get an idea from the map how many stores we had to visit, there were of course plenty more, however these were the ones that we had down on our shopping list!

We started off with an early lunch at Caffe Solare, I had a cheese toasty and juice which was a nice change from the rice and noodles we had been having pretty much everyday. I was having cheese withdrawal!

Once we had eaten, we went  back to the start of Takeshita dori and started making our way down. First up was Paris Kids, they sell cute hair accessories and jewellery, pretty similar to Diva over here but targeted towards


more Kawaii items. I found some really cool bone rings that would suit my We’re All Mad Here Sugary Bones series. They had a couple of different colours so I grabbed them all, including one for Eden, as I knew it was her birthday shortly after we got back. The cool thing about these rings were that you could wear them individually but also stack them up and wear them together. We all bought quite a few cute things from here.

Moving down this street was pretty slow going as we stopped at nearly every store. Thankfully Closet-Child is only about half way down the street and we hadn’t gained too many bags by then!Purakura1

Today I was doing a SS for some of my lolita friends in Adelaide. Kendelle had given me some money with the instructions that she liked the brands BTSSB and Innocent World and preferred classic items. She had also spotted a BTSSB tarten JSK on sale on the Closet-child website and said if I found anything similar that she
Bought would like it. So I was really happy to find the exact JSK in store on sale as well as pick up a pretty good collection of necklaces and rings.I was really happy that I was able to get pretty much all the things that Kendelle wanted. I unfortunately didn’t find too many other things on people lists, other than a top for Cheryl, some cutsews for Marian and a Rilakkuma christmas hat for Emma. It also, had only been a week since we were in here, so I had already found alot of the things that I had wanted. I did pick up a couple of necklaces and accessories though (my cheapest day in Closet-child so far!)


Next on the list was the Evangelion store, on my last visit to Japan we managed to arrive in the same week that they opened the store and Chris bought quite a few things here. I was hoping to pick up a couple of things here to bring him back as presents or stocking stuffers for christmas. Sarah was pretty much in heaven here, so I had plenty of time to pick out stuff for him. I ended up getting a metal paperweight in the shape of one of the angels, a bullet that turned into a pen, some eva chocolates and a credit card mini USB.

Harajuku stripNext stop was the iconic Laforet which has a whole floor of gothic and lolita brands! They had changed the entire level around since I had been there and there last.

Harajuku strip2As we left Laforet it was starting to get dark. One of the only drawbacks about being in Japan this time of year is that the sun goes down early which was around 5 o’clock. Thankfully we still had quite a few shopping hours left. Some shops were easier to find in the dark because they had bright lights advertising their signs, others were quite difficult to find.

Harajuku strip3h.naoto had their cute mascots Hangry and Angry upstores in the window. Tokyo Bopper had some really lovely platform shoes, but were a little expensive in comparsion to what we were paying for lolita shoes in closet-child. We came across the Barbie store in the backstreets while looking for the dokidoki store.

Harajuku strip4We were wandering around for awhile before we found the dokidoki store. It was my first time, as I have never been able to find it before. Its well worth while, finding it on a map beforehand because it’s not on the main shopping trip. The store was super bright in neon colours with a giant rat jumping out of a wall. It was really great being able to shop in store as they had more stuff in person then on their web store. Sarah went nuts grabbing a shopping basket and nearly grabbing one of everything from the accessories table! I grabbed a glitter bow and a big pink heart necklace that was framed with a golden metal border. When we were leaving Yuka and Vani took a photo with us. We were all really excited to meet them.

Harajuku strip5We finished up on the main road running through Harajuku at Kiddyland. The bright neon lights popped out from the street. Kiddyland has a massive range of toys and accessories and is worth the visit if you are in Harajuku. I picked up some Rilakkuma items for some friends as well as some new Sailor Moon items, a phone case, buttons and phone charm.

Harajuku strip6We were quite tired and hungry after a long days shopping. So when we left Kiddyland all our tummies were growling when we smelled the scent of pizza and Garlic Bread from the restaurant next door Shakey’s. It was an American Style all you can eat buffet with pizza and pasta the main dishes. We had a couple of serves and gave our feet a rest before heading back to Akihabara to go home.


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