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I saw a youtube video the other day of a Lolita in the UK who posted a video of her tranforming from everyday into lolita. I thought it would be really cool to see some of the local lolitas do somthing similar with videos or pictures so we posted a challenge to see how many people would give it a try!
I have been really busy but I knew I had a lolita picnic coming up on the weekend so I thought I would spend the morning getting ready to do this. I knew that a video would be full of mistakes or me out of headshot so I decided to do pictures. Here is how my morning went.

10am Get out of bed, check emails and fluff about
10:30am out of the shower
11am hair partially dry so head upstairs to plan what to wear
12pm only just picked out what to wear, answered some emails and checked facebook
12:30pm makeup about half way done and starting to panic about the time
1:00pm Carrie arrives and I have only just finished the makeup and wig shot, running a tad late!
1:45pm finished making the sandwiches for the picnic and race upstairs to get dressed
2:15pm Chris drops us off at the picnic slightly late but all dressed up and armed with munchies.
Despite my best forward planning on leaving the morning to get ready I always seem to be running late, perhaps Im underestimating my abililties to get ready. Anyhow on to the pictures!



First picture! By now my hair had almost dried as I had spent over an hour fluffing about deciding what to wear and trying to figure out where to take the pictures, grumble about the lighting and about which camera to use and which point I gave up and just used the ipad. If it wasnt for the background, it looks a bit like a mugshot!











Picture two. Mineral powder applied to the whole face, black eyeliner on the upper lids, lavender base eyeshadow blended with purple towards the outside. White eyeliner on the lower lashline, a light nude colour eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye. mascara applied to upper and lower lids. 2 sets of fake eyelashes (glued together before applying to eyes) Pink lipgloss.






Picture three, hair clipped back in place and held back by a skin colour hair net, wig applied. This is a two tone long, curly lolita wig from Gothic Lolita wigs light and dark brown split.











Picture four, add headbow and chocomint accessories.










Picture five, the finished look! Outfit run down. The blouse is a black short sleeved full shirring by Baby the stars shine bright. The rest of the outfit is matched pieces from the Toy Fantasy Colelction by Angelic pretty, JSK, headbow, socks and wristcuffs. Finished off with Angelic Pretty Heels and Shy bear bag (not shown here)




Despite the late start, poor lighting and a thousand pictures taken to get one I was relatively happy with I found this challenge quite fun. I might try this again at some point and get some better shots of my makeup between shots. I hope you enjoy the transformation!

Other tranformations
duchesssakura (on youtube)

♥ Alyssium♥

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