Me Likes Tea Petticoat Review

I have been considering buying a new petticoat and i have seen some good reviews for the petticoat brand, Me Likes Tea making the rounds. The majority of petticoats are made to order with the ability for you to set your size as well as pick from a multitude of colours or even rainbow if it is to you liking.

Its been a long time since I bought a pettiocat, but i came to the conclusion that some of mine had seen better days, and I was getting a bit tired of stacking them to get the same poof. I checked out the website for Me Likes Tea, and decided that i really like the range that they offered with the customisations and the ability to do international shipping without having to use a shipping service. I did a quick check in my local community and ended up organising a small group order for 4 petticoats. The order was made on the 25th February, the petticoats were custom made and shipped on the 2nd April and I received them via Fedex on the 13th April, a total of about 6.5 weeks.

With 4 petticoats received (and some still sitting in my closet) I decided it was a good time for another petticoat review. The last was done in 2012, so this would be a good chance to see how the previous petticoats had held up over the last 8 years. I have chosen to photograph all petticoats with Angelic Prettys Strawberry Doll special set JSK. The fabric is extremely light and the dress only has a lining, without any additional petticoats built in.


Me Likes Tea Hybrid Poof Monster

Hybrid Poof Monster – Voile in white
Length: 45cm
Layers: 6

As the name suggests, this is the biggest of the four pettiocoats ordered from Me Likes Tea. It is the poofiest cupcake shape on order and has a 5 star poof factor on their website. It can be customised from 5-7 layers. This is the petticoat that I ordered and I decided to go with 6 layers.

Of the two fabrics available from Me Likes Tea, Voile and Organza, Voile is the softer of the two and more full. It does need more material to get the poof, however it less likely to deflate over time, which is the reason I went for this petticoat. The waistband is gathered and and has ribbon built in that allows you to tighten the waist.

The petticoat is very full and soft and I think its going to be very flouncy and comfortable to wear. The shape did go down a little once the dress was on, however with my thighs and booty being considerably larger than my mannequin, I think it will look alot more full on me once I am wearing it. If given the choice again, I think I would go with the 7 layer option (at the time i thought that might be a bit OTT) however looking at it now I think that may have been the better choice. I am giving this a 9.5/10 and only because I should have ordered the 7 layer option and got a cuter colour.


Me Likes Tea Rose Petticoat

Rose Petticoat – Voile in Lavender
Length: 45cm
Layers: 5

The Rose petticoat is also made of Voile and can be ordered in 3-5 layers. It has a 5 star poof factor and can be considered both A-line with less layers and cupcake with more layers. Tropicana ordered this and chose to go with the 5 layer option.

Considering it is only one layer less than the Hybrid Poof monster, the shape held up remarkably well. When overlaying the 2 worn  images, there is only a very slight difference between the two, this one only with a little less poof. The colour is lovely in lavender and considering that it is cheaper than the Hybrid poof monster, I almost think that this one was a better deal. It would have been interesting to compare the difference of this and the 7 layer Hybrid poof monster. I’m going to give this one a 10/10


Me Likes Tea Rose Petticoat

Rose Petticoat – Voile in Ivory
Length: 45cm
Layers: 3

Tamara also ordered a Rose petticoat in voile however this one was made with 3 layers. With less layers you can certainly see the change of shape from cupcake to A-line.

This petticoat would certainly work better with a dress that was either underbust or an A-line skirt with less fabric. It still has the lovely soft layers of voile that wouldnt deflate over time and was cheaper because it used less fabric. Still a lovely petticoat, but not much in the poof department, i would give this a 6/10


Me Likes Tea Cotton Candy Petticoat

Cotton Candy Petticoat – Organza in Pink
Length: 45cm
Layers: 6

The Cotton Candy petticoat is a more popular option for the cupcake shape using organza. Organza is thicker and stiffer than voile, so generally less material is required to get a poofier result. Due to the nature of the fabric, it can deflate and soften over time. Neko Nat ordered the Cotton Candy Pettiocat in a pretty pink colour and choose 6 layers.

Considering that this petticoat has the same amount of layers as the Hybrid poof monster (and the stiffer fabric) I had high poof hopes for it. The initial shape looked good with the layers remaining quite high, though as the dress went on, it dropped considerably. Considering that this is a very light polyester material a heavier dress might drop it even further. The shape only slightly looks cupcake, borderline A-line, though as petticoats go the shape is still very nice. This petticoat was alot cheaper than the Hybrid poof monster and the 5 layer rose petticoat, so I would consider it better value for money, but perhaps a little bit lacking in the poof department. I would give this a 7.5/10


Please find my previously reviewed Petticoats from 2012 if you would like to see the reviews from when the petticoats were still new. Below is my review after 8 years of use.


Angelic Pretty “Soft tulle” petticoat 112D11-16084

No longer offered on the Angelic Pretty website

This was one of my favourite petticoats in 2012 and still is. I still own it in multiple colourways (Ivory, red and black) and still like to use it in my casual or underbust style dresses. The fabric is still lovely and soft and has not deflated at all. The poof factor is not fantastic, however it has maintained its shape, I will stick to the 6/10 rating I gave it the first time around.


Angelic Pretty Organdy Pannier 122D1-16085

While this exact style is no longer available, a very similar version can be purchased currently from the Angelic Pretty website.

When I originally bought this, I also bought an almost exact replica,  Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat I CB1970217. The two petticoats were so similar that I couldn’t tell the two apart without looking at the tag.

This petticoat had the most cupcake shape of the petticoats that I previously reviewed. The material which I believe is organza has meant that over time, it has lost it shape, softened and deflated. The shape is slighly less poofy than the 3 layer Rose Me Likes Tea petticoat. I now use the 2 petticoats together to try and increase the poofiness. I originally gave this petticoat a 7 but I think I would now drop that to a 6/10


Unknown brand petticoat

I originally bought this from another Lolita from the US, she was unsure of the brand and the origins.

Im not exactly sure of the material, but its definitely a thicker material than the Voile and tulle so I it may be Organza or something similar. When I first got this, it was very large and gave a lovely shape, over time though it has deflated and it leans more towards an A-line shape than cupcake. I still really like the colouring but because the shape has gone down so much it drops from the 10/10 it had 8 years ago to about a 6.5/10


Classical Puppets petticoat

This petticoat was not reveiwed in my original post, but I have had it a couple of years now. Unfortunately I dont remember the model or where I purchased it from. The material is very soft and light, so its likely a Voile or Tulle. Unlike the other petticoats that have a polyester lining, this one has a cotton one. I do like the feel of it alot more, but due to the nature of the fabric, if I am wearing tights or bloomers, it does ride up and get caught alot.

I dont have any pictures of this petticoat to compare if it is deflated, so I will just rate its current shape, it does fall in line with alot of the smaller A-line shapes, so I will stick with a 6/10


I would now like to take a moment for the petticoats that didn’t make the second review, either due to the fact that they had fallen apart, or were ditched for being petticoat inpersonators and instead resembling lining.

Baby the stars shine bright tulle panier 136★506
BTSSB panier
Closetchild Super Gorgeous Pannier
One day in Paradise A-line petticoat.
Jay-Jays Petticoat


Of all the Petticoats I reveiwed the two stand outs were the Hybrid Poof Monster and the Rose Petticoat with the higher amount of layers. From the pictures you can tell there is a significant shape difference with those and the other ones pictured. Overall I am extremely impressed with the Me Likes Tea Petticoats. Although a little on the expensive side, you do appear to get what you paid for, with the more expensive petticoats definitely have the higher poof factors. The fabric and the quality of the sewing is very high and I expect to get a lot of use out of mine in the future. From the moment I ordered, the company very promptly answered my questions regarding shipping and the ease of purchasing made it a website I wouldnt hestitate in recommending. There was a longer lead time in manufacturing and shipment (being an international package) however the quality of the products made that wait worthwhile. If you are looking at buying a petticoat, I would highly recommend saving up your money and putting in a custom order with Me Likes Tea!


I hope you enjoyed the review

♥ Alyssium♥

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