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Header My Partner and I recently bought our first house. We had been saving for a couple of years, but only just seriously started looking at places to buy. We loved our current town house, which we were renting and expressed interest to the home owners, however the time wasn’t quite right for them to sell.

IMG_1275_smWe set aside a weekend to start looking at potential houses and I lined up a list of them to go and look at. On the way home, after looking at several places that neither of us had liked, we drove past a real estate sign. It was for a town house only just down the road from where we were currently living and for some reason I had over looked the listing in my searches. We decided to stop and I’m glad we did as we both walked in and liked it straight away. Shortly afterwards we made an offer and after some negotiation found ourself moving in 6 weeks later.

Packing up was a little sad, I loved my office/lolita room  but it was time for us to move on and start paying off a place of our own. It was very strange seeing the wardrobe empty, especially after I had so much in it! It had done me very well these last three years.

Our new place is smaller, it has two bedrooms and one bathroom when our previous place and three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This meant quite a bit of downsizing! Luckily we have a two car garage right underneath our house, so the majority of the extra furniture has been stored down there to give us time to figure out what we were going to keep and or get rid of.

office My new office / lolita room is only about half the size of my last one, but I have alot more wardrobe space! I like the position of it and it has alot more natural light so taking pictures should be alot easier. Its going to take me a little while to move things until I get comfortable, but I have many ideas on what to do with the room. We own it now, so I can paint the walls and drill in as many hooks as I want. Time to get creative!


♥ Alyssium♥

  1. How exciting! 😀 Its my dream to own my own home one day- I’ll have to come visit and you can give me the grand tour! 😀 Congratulations!

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