Australian Lolitas Themed Photoshoot


The next Australian event after the International Lolita day gift exchange!  This is a themed lolita partner event that will be very similar to the hearts photo-shoot. The difference is that you need to pick a photo theme that both you are your partner can share together.

Each partner will take one half of the photo and it will be blended together and the finished product put up here on the event. If confused please refer to the example picture. This first picture evolved out of the Hearts Photo shoot in which Stacey and I decided to twin in chocolate chess. We were inspired by the chess print and this photo just happened.

To participate you need access to a camara, a lolita outfit and the internet. And these are the results ♥

Kathleen Georgia

Up first is Kathleen and Georgina in Wa-Lolita, Bitches be hatin’ on our kamehameha styleeeeeeee!


Set 2Sam and Kate, Battle of the brands. Sweet Vs Gothic. Candice and Lucey share a Teaparty.


Set3Maya and Nicola with opposing colorways and elements.  Xan and Kelly, Alice meets the red queen.


Set4Heather and Sharon share a love of tea with a lolita tea party. Plushies and black x blue co-ords included. Jayne and Belinda are on an adventure to find the lost treasure of Innocent World! Belinda has the map and is pointing the way… but Jayne is not so sure, but agreess after consulting her book of clues.

Emily-EleniOne of my favourites from the event, Emily and Eleni have a Mad hatters inspired tea party with a game of cards.


Elegant Lolita Siobhan wants to battle!, Sweet Lolita Erisu wants to battle!



Cherry and Monique in FUSION. Nadia and Benzy go for opposing styles Punk/Gothic vs Sweet/Kawaii and share a gift.

Set6Rachel and Sarah, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I see so it was you who stool my perfume bottle!” Angela and Victoria discuss a piano/cello duet together, titled “Lolita Recitals”

Set7Steph and Charelle compose some classical music together in a candle lit cathedral. Nickie and Sorelle in Ridin’ in da Hood.

Set8Mauli and I sipping Milkshakes in Milky Planet ♥  Kyte and Anna floating away aka Mary-Poppins style.



Heather and Beck discuss the finer points of Games of Thrones vs A sone of Ice and Fire.


Set10Emily and Annette catching up on some goss at their Twinkle picnic. Sally is beside herself!


Putting this shoot together with my partner was lots of fun! Its amazing how things can work out even if you are in another part of the country to each other.


♥ Alyssium♥


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