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AP_bunnyThe day you get a package in the mail is always a good day! Today I got three so it was extra good! I was especially excited to be getting my little Bunny Bag from Angelic Pretty. Most of the time, when things like this get released, I am one of the people that groans because either; 1) I have no money if it is available or 2) I see it, have money, but its already sold out. Thankfully I had both money and saw this in stock and had the brains to click buy before thinking too much because this little cutie sold out immediately (dont think it even lasted 24 hours on the AP international website) I also got a pair of red ankle polka dot socks that I have been debating on buying for the last couple of weeks.


Im really not much of a pink person and usually run at the sight of white. I seem to attract dirt and stains when I wear anything white so its very rare you will see much white in my wardrobe. So even though this is technically wearable…… who can resist it? Its just so darn cute! The strap and bonnet are removeable but there is still a small strap on the head that cannot be removed.


The cutest thing and which really sold me on getting it, is that the bunny tail is the zipper pull for the bag XD…. dying of cuteness here!!! Ironically though, like most Angelic Pretty “bags” and I use that term because that is what AP call them, they hold next to nothing in them. This little zipper might hold a small pair of keys and some coins but dont even thing of trying to get a credit card in there! ( Who would want to stash a credit card in a bag though, right?)


He joins (and I dont know why Im calling him a he, with a pink bonnet I would be sure it would be a girl, but he it is) my rapidly growing Angelic Pretty fluffy collection! ** I decided to call him Stu.

♥ Alyssium♥

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