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Group main_smAs part of our Maiko Make Over we got to have a photographer guide us around Gion and take some professional photos. Here are the photos from my package. There are a mixture of indivdual and group shots with Sarah, Sharon and Letcia. Warning lots of pictures to follow….

Shot 1_smTraditional poses in the studio. I really love how they loop the furosode arms around so that you can see the lovely pattern on the sleeves.

Sharon and 1_smjpgA shot of Sharon and I in the studio before we head out in Gion.


Christine1_smWe were very lucky to have such lovely weather, the sun was out and it was very bright.


Shot2Walking down the streets in between the wooden houses was very surreal.


Shot 3The pictures look very authentic because the backgroud was absolutely amazing, some of the stores had been trading here for hundreds of years.


Shot5The paper parasol helped alot when the sun was shining very brightly.


Shot 6 I really loved the Kimono and the Kanzashi i got to wear on the day.


Shot 7 The photographer followed behind us as we walked to the next spot.


The buildings were pretty amazing to still be standing after so long.


Shot9There were quite a few tourists in the background taking pictures of us having our photos done.


Shot10We were told to finish off with a cool pose! I hope you like the photos!


♥ Alyssium♥

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