Japan Day 5

Group walkingWe woke up on day 5 and thankfully the sun was shining! I had pre-booked the four of us to go to Studio Shiki for Maiko Makeovers in Gion. Our bookings included a outdoor photography shoot, so we had been hoping the sky would stay clear and it didn’t disappoint! The studio was not far from where we were staying, so we left early and walked there.


All the roads and alley ways went all over the place, so it was very easy to get lost. I was about to give up and ask somebody, before I recognised some familiar looking stairs. The plan that we had booked was an Outdoor Maiko photography plan, this included:

Maiko make up
Maiko wig
Your choice of Kimono
60 outdoor photos with a photographer
A CD with all of the pictures
A 12 page photo album
30 mins to stroll and take photos

This was my third time having photos down here, but it was the first time for the other three so they were all pretty excited to get this done. This is us (all bare faced)before and after!

Leticia_smLeticia’s Maiko Make over!


Sarah_smSarah’s Maiko Make over!


sharona-smSharon’s Maiko Make over!



 Last of all me, my Maiko Make over.


We started off with a couple of studio shots and then we had a photographer take us around Gion for some lovely photographs. The album can be found here.

When we had finished they allowed us to have half an hour to take our own photographs. Here are some of my favourites.

Chris and sharonSharon and I on the sidelines while Leticia was having some photos taken.

groupA group photo I got of Sharon, Sarah and Leticia going up a stone hill.

ChristineA single shot of me going in an entrance.

large groupA big group shot of us with some Japanese girls who were also haveing Make overs!

SharonA lovely shot of Sharon looking very much in character.


A shot Sharon go of us heading back to the studio.

Christine sign

Me with the Studio Shiki store sign.


Last shot of me, Leticia and Sharon before heading back in to change back into regular clothes again.

Its always an amazing experience, I cannot recommend it enough!


♥ Alyssium♥


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  1. ahhh, you all look lovely!! XD My favourite are the kimono you and Leticia chose! When I went it was soo overwhelming to pick ONE out of all the beautiful colours! haha!

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