Treasure hunt in Mystic Island


Alice and the Pirates newest print on reservation, Treasure hunt in Mystic Island. Scans for this new print went up very early on EGL so I spotted it with plenty of time to spare and shared it with the local group. It was really popular so I organised a GO to put in for the series. It came to 4pm Japan time, on the day and time of the release so I logged on got everything in my cart……… with the exception to the JSK in navy that I wanted………..cue table tipping moment!!!

It took 10 minutes, Splurgethe reservation was open for 10 minutes and in those precious moments while I was securing everyone elses items, the dress I wanted was gone. Ironically, looking back at the reservation page two weeks later nothing else has sold out, except for that dress, in the colourway. In hindsight I should have got that first.

It has been awhile since Alice and the Pirates has produced a Pirate print (despite its namesake) so fans of the brand must have been hanging out for this new series. The dress that sold out was also the one used to advertise the series In KERA so that is another reason why it may have been popular. That version of the JSK is still available in the other colourways, Ivory and Black however those picture examples are not available otherwise I may have just ordered it in another colour. Stranger still is that usually I always go for black (the phrase, “got any blacker” comes to mind LOL) but for some reason after seeing the advertisement of the model wearing it in navy (Aqua) colourway I had my heart set on that one.
Splurge AP
So after putting in the order for everyone else and a having a minor moment I decided to do two things. Firstly I jumped onto the Angelic website and did a splurge spend, ordering the newly released plush bags that were listed with the Toy Parade series. Even though I really liked both I hadnt planned on ordering either as I had just bought Stu only the week before. (So WOOO to my plush collection) this made me feel slightly better.The second thing is that I plan on stalking the BTSSB and AATP website everyday now till that series is released. What I hoping for is that once AATP see the popularity in the reservation they made decide to may some more JSKS in that colour to list on release….. well at least, heres hoping!

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