Winter wonderland, coordinate event

Being Australian, for most of the year we have warm sunny days to picnic and show off our dresses. Now that winter has come, its that time to break out our long sleeve blouses, cute jackets and patterned tights! Lets show off our winter wear!
Coordinates can be worn, on a mannequin or flatlays.


May – My inspiration for this coord is Elsa from Frozen. I now realise actually don’t have many winter items in general… cos the cold never bothered me anyway ?
Jsk: Magic Cat Street
Blouse: Infanta
Shoes and wig: Taobao brand that I no longer recall
Penguin: Miniso


Tropicana – My favourite cold-weather outfit is AP’s Melody Doll OP set! 🎶 The little capelet is so cute and perfect for winter 😊


Corrina – Comfy coord for a picnic date with a friend! Jsk is ecailles de lune, everything esle taobao/offbrand










I went to the movies a couple of weeks ago! Brisbane doesn’t get very cold but I enjoyed wrapping up!
Beret: btssb
Scarf: metamorphose
Cape: angelic pretty
Dress: Fairy Snow decoration by angelic pretty
Socks: metamorphose
Shoes: red maria
Rings: chocomint & metamorphose


Lyn – I went to a local EGL Community meet this month. It was a drizzly winter’s day so I brought along my lacey umbrella and my long trench coat to keep my outfit dry!

JSK: Alice Girl “Dreaming Cage”
Accessories, shoes and socks are all off-brand.





Heather – Earlier in this cold season my roommate & I ventured out to a local look out & botanic gardens 💕I rugged up in a cozy casual classic coord for the occasion 🎀
Everything is IW (including the OP which you can’t see under my coat) except for the offbrand shoes & headwear ❄



Belle – I haven’t been outside for any purpose other than to shop for food and to go to work. In Melbourne, we are not supposed unless, for those reasons, medical or exercise so, I’ve opted to just put a coordinate on a mannequin.
I’ve chosen a Christmas in July theme.
Ear Muffs – Marui Tokyo
Scarf – a gift from a friend; when they went to Scotland
JSK – BTSSB Kumya Chan’s Christmas Holy Night
Cardigan – BTSSB
Socks – AP
Shoes – BTSSB
Thank you Christine for making the event. It’s a difficult time to lolita up as we are stuck in-doors and are not allowed visitors but it is really nice to see everyone’s photos!



Tamara – Nothing like a nice berette ans cute faux fur shawl to keep you warm on a sunny winters day ♡. Jsk and beret from Angelic Pretty.

















A chance to wear my AP coat that is forever in the wardrobe!


Coat :  Angelic Pretty Heart-Chan Coat with hood
Dress: Emily Temple Cute Biscuit Print Sleeveless OP
Blouse: Metamorphose chiffon blouse
Headwear: Offbrand red bisuit beret
Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright candy stripe tights
Shoes: Angelic Pretty Navy Teaparties
Bag: Angelic Pretty Red Ribbon 3 way bag
Accessories : Aneglic Pretty gingerbread ring and bisuit ring.


♥ Alyssium♥



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