Substyles coordinate or collage

Got a substyle that you have been wanting to try out? A new dress you have been wanting to style? Or seen something online, that has caught your interest and you want to put a coordinate together?
Put an outfit together and share it with us! Instead of going with something you are comfortable with, try a style or a colour that you wouldn’t normally wear!
Coordinates can be worn, on a mannequin, flatlays or as a collage.


Lyn – Okay, so I had been eyeing this dress for the last few months online and decided to order it. I don’t wear a lot of pale blues, but it had a lot of colour in the print to break it up. I’m not sure what style you would call it. Maybe a cross between classic and sweet?
JSK: Alice Girl – Dreaming Cage
All other items are off-brand or bought from within the local community.



May – I normally wear sweet styled clothes, almost always pink and never black! But I loved this dress as soon as I saw it, but I have yet to wear it. So here is my try at gothic styling! (Also I had this forgotten wig in my closet, that I now love after trying it on 😂 Thank you past me)
Jsk: Haenuli – The story you dont know
Accessories: offbrand
Shoes: Lipstik



















Tropicana – This was my first time wearing AP’s Milky Pony Carnival OP 🦄 it was fun to bust out the cute accessories to go with it (though a few more hair accessories might complete the look a bit better!) I don’t have many sweet lolita dresses as I usually wear classic or gothic styles 🙂


Nancy – My first foray into the Classic sub style
I was very excited to put this coord together and finally get to wear the lovely headbow I received during the craft exchange
The JSK is one that I bought at a swap meet and so I have no idea of the print name – if anyone knows it, please let me know! ❤
(and, as is my MO, all other items in the coord are off-brand lol)weet lolita dresses as I usually wear classic or gothic styles 🙂


Corrina – Dressed myself and my friend – both of us who are usually gothic – in pink, sweet coords
I think we pulled it off without being too awks
















Heather – I made a little collage of some styles I recently have tried! I have been co-hosting substyle challenges in the Brisbane community since May & we are up to our seventh theme 😁 It’s been a really fun experience to try different styles & build a coord that matches the theme! These 3 have been the most different for me. I wore sweet for the first time (after 8 years of lolita 😂) thanks to a kind friend who dressed me up, & I also tried Military for the first time as well 🖤 I had worn pirate only once before for a themed meet but this was a new coord for it & I made the tricorn & eyepatch myself 💫
I’m looking forward to trying more substyles & it’s been great crafting things for the themes or coordinatings things in a way I hadn’t thought of before 🌹











Belle – I haven’t been outside for any purpose other than to shop for food and to go to work. In Melbourne, we are not allowed to unless for, for those reasons, medical or exercise so, I’ve opted to just put a coordinate on a mannequin.
I’ve chosen to mix sweet lolita pieces with my newest aristocratic BOZ piece.
Blouse – AATP
Jacket – Atelier Boz Giuliano
Skirt – BTSSB
Hair combs – BTSSB
Socks – Putumayo Grumpy Care Bear
Shoes – Taobao tea parties
Thank you for making the event. It’s a difficult time to lolita up as we are stuck in-doors and are not allowed visitors but it is really nice to see everyone’s photos!


Ash – So you know those Hime Gyaru inspired lolita coords that you pretty much never see anymore? I really want to try it out some time, perhaps with this criminally underrated Bodyline dress if I ever get my hands on one. I’ve never done Hime lolita or Hime Gyaru before but hopefully one day I will 💕💕

















Tamara  –  For my substyle coord. I did Sailor lolita. I wore my Meta sailor OP for the first time ♡ and thanks to Christine for letting me borrow the sailor hat ♡


















I have admired Metamorphoses Wa lolita style dresses for years and finally bought one when I saw Misako wearing this dress. This has been sitting in my wardrobe ever since and I thought it was a good time to get it out and give it a try. One day I hope to add the Purple Jellyfish one as well.


Dress: Metamorphose              Daydreaming Goldfish JSK

Blouse: Alice and the Pirates white chiffon Juliette Blouse

Headwear: Metamorphose          Daydreaming Goldfish bows

Socks: Metamorphose           Daydreaming Goldfish Otks

Shoes: Alice and the pirates platform rocking horse shoes

Accessories : Metamorphose           Daydreaming Goldfish wristcuffs, Alice and the Pirates butterfly ring and Ribbon ring.


♥ Alyssium♥

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