Avcon 2014

TitleWhen July comes by, it is time for Avcon again and this years Avcon theme was fantasy RPG. I had decided to have a go at a lolita booth with Lauren and Adelle this year, so it was another year of all lolita for me (hang up the cosplay again for next year). The three of us put together Berrie Cute, a booth of lolita and cute merchandise we had picked up from Japan in June.

BerriecuteWe had decided earlier on in that year, that with the lack of lolita stores in Adelaide, that we would have a go at putting together one for the weekend. The three of us had chosen to sell mainly lolita, but as Avcon was an uniformanime and video game event, that we would also expand out into other cute goods. With a whirl wind week in Japan and with some commission stock, we put together this booth for Avcon. We borrowed Adelles name of “Berrie Cute” and went with a Strawberry and yellow polkadot theme. We were pretty happy how it turned out!

While we were in Japan we happened to walk into a Jane Marple sale and they also happened to have a strawberry print on sale, say hello to our uniform! We each picked different outfits, I went with the JSK, Adelle went with a top and boystyle shorts, while Lauren went with the OP. I also happened to spot an adorable strawberry outfit at the Sanrio store for Rilakkuma, that perfectly fit my medium Usakumya, so he was out mascot for the weekend.

Kat was our first customer when the doors opened on saturday morning. Sarah had happily popped by the previous evening while we were setting up and found this AP set thatVisitors she had to get and returned wearing it the next day. Amy looking super cute in Angelic Pretty’s Milky-chan dropped by to pick up quite a few things, thank you!

We were very happy to see a huge amount of people dropping in, lolitas we knew from the Adelaide community, those from communities interstate, cosplayers and also many people from the general public. Surprisingly the hot pick from the weekend was socks, who knew we were in such short supply of socks in Adelaide!parade

While we were selling our way through the weekend, Avcon hosted a J-fashion and lolita parade. Here is a couple of shots from the Parade: Katie looks very colourful wearing Liefs Carousel Theatre in black, contrast Josh and Kaiwith red, black and gold accessories, the outfit really pops. Pepper looks really sweet wearing Angelic Prettys Milky-chan, with matching little antlers in her headdress. The plush milky-chan bag is my favourite part about that particular Angelic Pretty series. I love the volume in Sarahs outfit, she has the perfect poof, wearing Baby the Stars Shine Bright Snow White JSK, the mauve to  burgandy transition wig works in very well with the colouring of the whole outfit. On the end Rebecca is wearing Angelic Pretty Romantic Rose letter with a lovely floral crown to match. One of our group moderators,Kairii MC’ed with Josh from Avcon and I thought they both looked lovely on stage.

Alycia won the hand made section in her Card Captor Sakura inspired outfit. The skirt had gold Card Captor print on it and a sheer sakura over skirt. Lastly all the particiapants were invited on the stage for a last parade around, this snap captured  Britt waving hello.

On the second day the community held a tea party in the Avcon cafe, we were lucky to have a couple of interstate lolitas join us for this. Kairii and Angela hosted the event with some games, exchanges of positive notes and prizes.

Visit_smWe unfortunately missed the tea party, but the girls all came to visit us afterwards. They came bearing a bunch of hand written notes, so it was so sweet to think that they thought of us during the tea party!

We had a great time at Avcon, there’s always so much to do, see and buy! If you would like to read more about how some of the other lolitas spent their time at Avcon you can find writes ups from Sarah and  Angela.


♥ Alyssium♥

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