Australian Lolitas’ Coordinating Nails

ThaleaOur next event is, “Nail coordinating time”! We always spend so much effort putting an outfit together that sometimes the little details are missed. This is the opportunity to show off some nails that you have already matched with an outfit or print, or an opportunity to try out matching some new artwork on your nails to an outfit you own. 

1.To participate in this event, please mark yourself as attending on the event page. Deadline to join the event is the 25th June, invitations that have not been answered will be removed at this time.
2. Find an existing photo or your nails with a previous coordinate, or paint some new ones and show them off!
3. Please share your picture on the event page by the 18th July.
4. Anyone who posts their outfit on time will enter a competition to win a prize. Nail art will be judged on there originality or general theme to match a print or outfit.
The lovely nails for the title picture are by Thaleia they are chocolate-box themed nails in ivory and brown.

BrookeThese melted chocolate nails are painted by Brooke to match her Angelic Pretty Melty Royal Chocolate coordinate. These make me want to go and eat a tonne of chocolate (the dangers or writing a blog post before lunch!)

BelleBelle painted the first freckled nails to match her mint Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Juicy Baby, love, love berries JSK. The lovely foil heart nails were done for a strawberry coordinate, when she came strawberry picking down in Adelaide for a meet up.

CelriaCelria has some beautiful black nails painted delicately to match her Baby the Stars Shine Bright Paris Windows JSK. The crystals at the top of the chandelier are adorable!

Celria2Here she has  painted up some nails to match her Alice and the Pirates Rose Jail Print JSK.


ChristineI don’t often get the time to paint my nails, but if I have a night free before a meet, I like to theme them with what I am wearing. The first shows candy cane stripe nails to match Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story. The middle has polkat dots and ribbons to go with Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly and the last strawberry nails to coordinate with Angelic Pretty Freshly Picked Strawberries.

ClaraClara was away when we had the competition, but got her nails done with her cousin while she was away. She got a pink to green gradient done, to match a dress designed by Miss Kittiness. Hannah on the right smartened up her nails by matching them to her bib on her new Innocent World dress. I love how it looks like her nails are miniature tuxedos!

CraigIt was Craig’s first time at decorating nails but I think they go with the outfit really well!


EmilyThese nails of Emilys’, are probably my favourite, the tiny candy go perfectly with the print on Angelic Pretty’s Candy Treat. Emily had a friend make them for her.

Emily4Emily also showed us several more cute designs including melty cream nails to go with her Bodyline Strawberry Shortcake, as well as some awesome trump nails to go with her Angelic Pretty Royal Cards JSK.

JayneI love Jayne’s galaxy nails, she got the tutorial from Youtube to match her Haenuli’s Little Prince jsk. The second set are some tiny flowers on a green background to match with Metamorphoses Window print OP. One the far right, Cassie did an iceblue pastel colour with frozen glitter.

LindziLindzi is the first in this trio with a subtle baby pink with polkatdots to go with Angelic Pretty’s Milky-chan. Narelle matched strawberries and adorable little bears with a strawberry gingham print. Zoe painted her nails a deep purple to match her Alice and the Pirates operetta bouquet and velvet bolero.

MarionMarion shows off her crystal bling on her pink and baby blue nails to match a pretty pastel coordinate. In the second photo she has pink nails topped with cute yellow rainbow accents. In the last she presents Strawberry painted nails with a offband strawberry skirt and barrette.

MarzyMarzy always impresses me with her attention to detail, she put together a collage from easter to show her adorable bunny nails. In the second picture her nails are painted with red and green toadstools to go with her cute Mario JSK! May on the end had her cousin help her decorate her nails with hearts and other small delicate shapes.

MystaraMystara shows some silver grey mails with a feature nail of polkadots and ribbons to go with her Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly dress. on the right Mauli gets dotty to match her Bodyline strawberry coordinate.

OliviaOlivia dressed up her French manicure with some sparkly glitter like that her in her Angelic Pretty Milky Planet JSK.

SallySally went all out, and got her nails professionally done with polkatdots and an adorable Hello Kitty feature nail.


YasminLucky last, Zoe put ribbons and key outlines on her mails to match the earrings she is wearing. The sparkly silver key pops right out of the purple background.


And that’s a wrap! I love how incredibly talented our community is with some fantastic ideas and themes that I can’t wait to try out the next time I paint my nails!


♥ Alyssium♥


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