Easter Photoshoot

WaterUnfortunately I was not able to make it to local lolita Easter meet up as it was the same day that I celebrated Easter with my family. The great thing about Easter being a long weekend, was that I was still able to get out that weekend in loli.lawn_sm

I teamed up with Olivia, who was also not able to make it to the Easter event and we went out exploring. Olivia was telling me about this perfect garden up in the hills that she heard about. Knowing what the Adelaide hills were like, I was quite doubtful… until we got there!


It was amazing, like being in a totally different place, there were vegetable patches, streams, fruit trees and all sorts of plants. We spent the day wondering around and taking pictures. There were lots of different paths that took you off into other areas. We even came across an amazing BBQ area and waterfall! The location would have been perfect for lunch and a easter egg or treasure hunt!

Easter 3There were many large areas of lawn for picnic rugs and the sunshine was so nice. I was very tempted to take a nap! Exploring and looking good takes a lot of effort 

Olvia sittingOlivia spent most of the day behind the camera, though I was able to get a couple of pictures of her. It’s quite clear who the better photographer is!

Easter 2These were my favourite pictures for the day. I hope we make it back up here again some time soon, it was magical!


♥ Alyssium♥


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